German - Russian language exchange

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German - Russian language exchange

Beitragvon biosverra » 23. August 2010, 12:36

Hey everyone!

My name is Vera, I'm PhD student in Vienna University and initially I'm from Russia.

I want to learn German so much!! We had had courses already, but they were not too much efficient. I was advised to set up kind of "exchange lessons": when two native speakers teach each other their own languages.
So, if some native German speaker is interested in studying Russian, please, let me know: I would be happy to teach you Russian, and to study German as well, of course :wink:

My mail is

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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Re: German - Russian language exchange

Beitragvon Haerteeinlage » 10. August 2018, 19:50

Hello Vera. Have you already found someone to learn German? If not, it would be a pleasure for me to help you. I can also speak Russian a little bit. Privet! Kak ty? Ya Avestriets. Would be fun to learn together. 8)
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