Collaborators in the Blazhko Project

(List of people who have contributed to the observational and theoretical work. This list may be incomplete!)


Name Institute Country


Main expertise for the project

Katrien Kolenberg Vienna University Austria founder, project coordinator, website
Michel Breger Vienna University Austria founder
Elisabeth Guggenberger Vienna University Austria photometry, reduction, interpretation
Wolfgang Zima Vienna University Austria spectroscopy, interpretation
Patrick Lenz Vienna University Austria photometry, reduction
Theresa Lüftinger Vienna University Austria spectropolarimetry
Piet Reegen Vienna University Austria photometry
Paul Beck Vienna University , Niederoesterreichische Volkssternwarte Austria photometry, reduction
Horace Smith Michigan State University United States photometry, interpretation
Thomas Barnes McDonald Observatory, Texas United States spectroscopy, interpretation
Ennio Poretti Instituto Astronomico de Brera Italy spectroscopy, interpretation
Franco Leone Instituto Astrofisico de Catania Italy spectroscopy, interpretation
Kosmas Gazeas Athens University Greece photometry
Merieme Chadid Nice University France spectroscopy, PI CoRoT AP
Asli Elmasli Ankara University Observatory Turkey photometry
Berahitdin Albayrak Ankara University Observatory Turkey photometry
Selim O. Selam Ankara University Observatory Turkey photometry
Nermin Deniz Ulus Ankara University Observatory Turkey photometry
Petr Skoda Ondrejov Observatory Czech Republic spectroscopy
Ilja Iliev Rozhen Observatory Bulgaria spectroscopy
Peter Stetson Dominion Astrophys. Obs. Canada spectroscopy
David Bohlender Dominion Astrophys. Obs. Canada spectroscopy
Thebe Medupe University of North West, SAAO South Africa photometry
Tim Mogwetsky University of North West South Africa photometry
Boitumelo Ngwato University of North West South Africa photometry
Chris Sterken Vrije Universiteit Brussel Canada spectroscopy
Don Kurtz University of Central Lancashire England spectroscopy, interpretation
Sotirios Tsantillas Athens University Greece period analysis
Hiromoto Shibahashi University of Tokyo Japan theoretical models
Wojtek Dziembowski Nicolaus Copernicus Center Poland theoretical models
Paul Van Cauteren Beersel Hills Observatory Belgium photometry
Patricia Lampens Royal Observatory Belgium photometry
C.W. Robertson Kansas USA photometry
Antonio Garrigós Sánchez Observatorio Antonio Garrigós Spain photometry
Márcio Catelan Universidad Católica de Chile Chile photometry
Huib Henrichs Instituut Anton Pannekoek The Netherlands spectroscopy
Bela Szeidl Konkoly Observatory Hungary photometry, interpretation
Dieter Husar Himmelsmoor Private Observatory Hamburg Germany/Belgium photometry