Stellar Music


This page links to a set of audiofiles with the sounds of some stars, made audible.


This is a link to a great website devoted to the theme: Stellar Music, set up by Zoltán Kolláth from Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary.



Click on the images to hear the stars.


Sound of the Sun

(soundfile: Guenter Houdek)


Sound of Chi Hydrae, a giant star

see also this ESO press release

(soundfile: ESO)


FG Vir, the best-studied Delta Scuti star

(soundfile: Michel Breger)


The Blazhko RR Lyrae star RR Lyr

(image: result of the 2004 campaign)

(soundfile: Elisabeth Guggenberger)


From the graveyard of stars: the star PG1159+035

(soundfile: Michel Breger)


Last update: November 5, 2007.