The TOPS (Theory and Observation of Pulsating Stars) Group is a research group based at two universities: the University of Vienna (Austria) as well as the University of Texas at Austin (USA). Our main focus is the observation and theoretical modelling of the pulsation of stars showing radial and nonradial oscillations. For observing campaigns the group makes use of the international Delta Scuti Network (DSN) of telescopes as well as the MOST, BRITE and KEPLER satellites.

The DSN is a collaboration of astronomers from all around the globe who observe and study short period variable stars. The investigated targets include Delta Scuti, Gamma Doradus, SX Phe, Beta Cephei Stars and white Dwarfs.

A displacement field
with l=2 and m=0.
A displacement field
with l=5 and m=3.

Team Members:
Michel Breger   (Head)
Paul Beck Patrick Lenz
Barbara Castanheira Alosha Pamyatnykh
Valentina Schmid Nathalie Themessl
Peter Haas

Communications in Asteroseismology

Issue 160 (March, 2009)
The newsletter in the field of stellar pulsations.
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a powerful software package for finding and fitting periodicities.

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