Changelog Period04 Version 1.1.1

  • Interoperability with applications of the Virtual Observatory:

    The new version of Period04 implements the PLASTIC protocol which enables Period04 to receive data from and send data to other applications of the Virtual Observatory, such as Aladin and Topcat.
    Tutorial 3 explains how to use this feature.

    Topcat sends a time string table to Period04.

  • Increased usability for SNR calculations of peaks in the Fourier spectra:

    The frequency of subpeaks in the Fourier plot can now be directly loaded into the Calculate Noise dialog. To do so just right click on a peak in the Fourier spectrum and select "Calculate SNR of this frequency peak" in the popup menu. The popup menu can also be skipped by pressing the Cntrl button while clicking on the peak. The popup menu also allows to copy the frequency peak into the frequency list in the Fit tab.

  • Period04 now supports triple combinations and more:

    Up to now Period04 only supported combination frequencies with two components. In the new version combination frequencies are no longer restricted to only two components, so even triple combinations can be tested.

  • Aspect ratio of plots is no longer fixed:

    For example time string plots may now be streched in width to examine the quality of the fit in more detail.

  • More usability in the Amplitude Variability mode:

    Mean times are now given for each substring.

  • Period04 now loads point errors directly during data imports:

    The time string import dialog has been extended to load uncertainties of data points.

  • Switching to the most recent Java Runtime solves several bugs:

    In the old Period04 version some users experienced problems with printing or when Compiz Desktop effects are activated. These problems could be solved by switching to the most recent Java Runtime Environment.