January 2008
Version 3.3 released - Maintenance release with numerous improvements and fixes of existing tutorials. Major changes in the workings of the frontend and, in particular, transition from AWT to Swing components. Major changes, improvements and extensions of the Java engine. This will soon be reflected in additional tutorials. Please report any unexpected behavior you may encounter.
The popularity of the VirtualLabs boasts with over 30'000 visitors in 2007 by the end of October - or more than 100 visitors every day.
Comments and suggestions are welcome.

June 2007
Version 3.2 released - New tutorial added: Via freedom to coercion: the emergence of costly punishment.
Numerous changes, improvements and extensions of the Java engine. Currently the changes apply only to the applets in the new tutorial due to changes in the parameter handling. Please report any unexpected behavior you may encounter.
The final count in 2006 amounted to a new record of 36'395 visitors. In the first half of 2007, almost 18'000 people have visited the VirtualLabs.
November 2006
Version 3.1 released - Two new tutorials added: Synergy and discounting of cooperation in social dilemmas and Evolutionary games and population dynamics.
Major changes to the Java engine and to the applets look 'n feel. Please report any unexpected behavior you may encounter. The final count in 2005 amounted to a new record of 34'564 visitors. By the end of October 2006, already over 30'000 people have visited the VirtualLabs.
The previous Version 3.0 is archived.
October 2005
Restructuring and extension of the Introduction, and the tutorials on Voluntary participation in Public Goods Games (new sections on oscillations and synchronization and on phase transitions added) as well as on traditional Public Goods Games (major extensions of the section on phase transitions). Plus numerous minor fixes.
The number of visitors keeps increasing with 4308 in September totalling to 24'000 in 2005.
September 2005
Navigation of the VirtualLabs web site improved. The menu along the top of all pages links to all other tutorials as well as back to the entrance page.
New record in August with 3638 visitors, totalling to over 19'000 visitors in 2005.
February 2005
Version 3.0 released - new tutorials, improved structure, enhanced applets. Upon retirement of Version 2.x, the VirtualLabs have attracted well over 18'000 visitors over the three years of their existence. The number of visitors per month is also steadily increasing with currently roughly 1'500 visitors per month.
January 2005:
Tutorial on Evolutionary dynamics on graphs added.
October 2004:
Tutorial on The Evolutionary Origin of Cooperators and Defectors added.
May 2004:
Tutorial on Cooperation in Structured Populations added.
June 2003:
Version 2.1 released - new structure, many new tutorials as well as improvements of the Java applets which include bug fixes, internationalization issues, speed improvements...
March 2003:
Version 2.0 released - new labs added as well as a complete rewrite and update of all existing labs. Upon retirement of version 1.0 of the virtuallabs, they have attracted more than 3100 visitors.
April 2002:
Version 1.0 of Virtuallab on Public Goods Games released.
January 2002:
Version 1.0 of Virtuallabs on Spatial 2x2 Games released.