The Austrian Frigate Novara visits Manila in 1858

excerpts from
Karl Scherzer (1861)

  • Historical notes relating to the Philippines
  • From Cavite to Manila
  • The river Pasig
  • First impressions of the city
  • Its inhabitants
  • Tagales and Negritoes
  • Preponderating influence of Monks
  • Visit to the four chief monasteries
  • Conversation with an Augustine Monk
  • Grammars and Dictionaries of the idioms chiefly in use in Manila
  • Reception by the Governor-general of the Philippines
  • Monument in honour of Magelhaens
  • The "Calzada"
  • Cockfighting
  • "Fiestas Reales"
  • Causes of the languid trade with Europe hitherto
  • Visit to the Cigar-manufactories
  • Tobacco cultivation in Luzon and at the Havanna
  • Abáca, or Manila hemp
  • Excursion to the "Laguna de Bay"
  • A row on the river Pasig
  • The village of Patero
  • Wild-duck breeding
  • Sail on the Lagoon
  • Plans for canalization
  • Arrival at Los Banos
  • Canaoe trip on the "enchanted sea"
  • Alligators
  • Kalong Bats
  • Gobernador and Gobernadorcillo
  • The Poll-tax
  • A hunt in the swamps of Calamba
  • Padre Lorenzo
  • Return to Manila
  • The "Pebete"
  • The military Library
  • The civil and military Hospital
  • Ecclesiatical processions
  • Ave Maria
  • Tagalian merriness
  • Condiman
  • Lunatic Asylum
  • Gigantic serpent thirty-two years old
  • Departure
  • Chinese pilots
  • First glimpse of the Celestial Empire
  • The Lemmas Channel
  • Arrival in Hongkong Harbour

Stay from 15th to 25th June, 1858

The first Austrian circumnavigation of the world has been undertaken during the years 1857 - 1859. It was a scientific expedition, which later gained high recognition internationally. Almost exactly 40 years prior to the proclamation of the Philippine Independence (June 12, 1898) the frigate Novara made a stopover in Manila.

In the moment only few excerpts of the travel report are to be published on this Website. A reprint of this travelogue will come out in the near future.

However, anybody who is interested in obtaining an electronic version for free may send a request by a real postcard (including e-mail address) until June 12, 1998 to the address below. All the postcards will be displayed at the Philippine Centennial Celebrations in Austria.


c/o Institut fuer Voelkerkunde
Universitaet Wien
Universitaetsstrasse 7 / 4/ Zi. 421
A-1010 Vienna, Austria

Scherzer, Karl: Circumnavigation of the Globe by the Austrian Frigate Novara in the Years 1857, 1858 & 1859.
London: Saunders, Otley, und Co., 1861: pp. 281 - 354

Private collection of Letisma & Johann Stockinger.

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