• Introduction
  • 19th Century Views of the Philippines
  • Admiral Dewey on his Flagship
  • Life in Manila
  • From Long Island to Luzon
  • Interview with General Aguinaldo
  • The Philippine Mission
  • The Proclamations of General Aguinaldo
  • Interview with the Archbishop of Manila
  • Why we hold the Philippines
  • The Philippine Islands as They are
  • Official History of the Conquest of Manila
  • The Administration of General Merritt
  • The American Army in Manila
  • The White Uniform of Our Heroes in the Tropics
  • A Martyr to the Liberty of Speech
  • Events of the Spanish-American War
  • The Peace Jubilee
  • Early History of the Philippines
  • The Southern Philippines
  • Specifications of Grievances of the Filipinos
  • Hawaii as Annexed
  • Early History of the Sandwich Islands
  • The Start of the Land of Corn Stalks
  • Kodak Snapped at Japan
  • Our Picture Gallery
  • Cuba and Porto Rico
  • The Ladrones
  • The Official Title to Our New Possesion in the Indies
  • Battles with the Filipinos before Manila
  • The Aguinaldo War of Skirmishes

The Story of the Philippines


by Murat Halstead


War Correspondent in America and Europe, Historian of the Philippine Expedition Chicago, 1898

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