The Story of José Rizal
by Austin Craig (1909)

Picture from Luna Portrait

Dr. Rizals Father

"Our Lady of Peace and Safe Voyages who is venerated at Antipolo"

Gomez, Burgos, Zamora

Bust of Padre Guerrico
modelled by Dr. Rizal

The prize for "Al Juventud Filipina"

Rizal's Cousin Leonora Rivera

Dr. Rizal's Library

Rizal's betrothed at 18

Case against Dr. Rizal

House No.176, Ilaya Street

Alcohol Lamp
with Concealed Rizal's Poem

Image on Ateneo Dormitory Door

Mrs. Josť Rizal

Dr. Rizal's Mother at 80

Rizal's Ship in the Suez Canal

Heidelbert University
and a Duel-Scarred German Student

The Ateneo Municipal

Rizal's Cell Fort Santiago

Rizal in Europe
in Paris - in London - in Berlin

Dr. Rizal's Hongkong Card

Rizal's Execution

Former Grave of Dr. Rizal

Rizal Monument Models
in the Government Palace Marble Hall

Execution of Liga Filipina Members,
Bagumbayan Field, January 11th, 1897
Austin Craig: The Story of José Rizal.
Manila, Philippine Education Publishing Co., 1909

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