1. Rizal, Heidelberg, 31 July 1886

  Rizal compliments Blumentritt with a copy of Rufino Baltazar Hernández, Aritmética, written in Tagalog and Spanish.

  11 Obere Neckar Strasse
Heidelberg, 31 July 1886
  Esteemed Professor Ferdinand Blumentritt

Esteemed Sir,

Having heard that Your Lordship is studying our language and that you have already published some works on the subject, I take the liberty of sending you a valuable book(1) written in that language by a countryman of mine. The Spanish version is mediocre because the author is only a modest writer, but the Tagalog portion is good and this is precisely the language spoken in our province.

    I am

  Very respectfully yours,
J. Rizal

(1) Rufino Baltazar Hernández, Aritmética. 1st edition. Manila, Imprenta del Cole o de Santo Tomás, 1868. 4, 224 pages, in two columns. In Tagaog and Spanish.

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