34. Rizal, Munich, 29 May 1887

  A little book for the Philippines - Rizal will have his picture taken in Geneva.


Munich, 29 May 1887

  Dear Friend,

Yesterday and day before yesterday we toured the city, we drank much beer, and we enhoyed ourselves. Today the weather is better, for yesterday and the day before it, it rained and thundered a great deal.

I remember that you wanted to send a little book to the Philippines. I forgot about it, because then I left your city of happy memory, I was somewhat distraced. Whatever you wish to send to the Philippines, you can send it through me; only you will have to send it to Basel, general delivery, or to Geneva by parcel post. (In the Philippines parcel post is not allowed). I will attend to the matter with the greatest pleasure because I am glad to be able to servemy good friend.

I hope that little Dora has completely recovered.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Konstanz, Lindau, Schaffhausen, and Basel. I believe that we shall be at this last city on the 5th or 8th of June.

Regards to your family and to the merry people of Leitmeritz.

An embrace from your most affectionate,



We did not have our picture taken in Vienna because we could not wait five days to see the proofs.
We will do it in Geneva.

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