36. Rizal, Basel, 3 June 1887

  He will write Willkomm and Nordmann - Through rose-colored glasses.


Basel,[1] 3 June 1887

  My very dear Friend,

We arrive here today and tomorrow we leave for Geneva. I received your affectionate post card and as soon as I am in Geneva resting, I shall write Messrs. Willkomm and Nordmann.[2] If I have not done it yet, it is because I would like to write them something more serious than a letter written during the trip. With you I can permit myself to write careless letters, for you know how to excuse any fault of mine and to see everything we do through a cheerful optimistic crystal.

I wish you all good health, including Mr. Willkomm.


[1] Or, Basle (Bâle), Switzerland.
[2] Prof. Willkomm, the Privy Councilor and Mr. Nordmann of the Vienna museum.

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