101. Rizal, Paris, 4 June 1889

  You fight for our country and you imbue us with valor - Ready to unsheathe our swórd in your defense- "There is a God for honorable persons."

  10 Rue de Louvois, Paris
4 June 1889
  Dear Friend,

I have received your letters as well as your manuscripts. They are for the Philippine youth like the admonition of an old and wise friend, for we are here fighting for our native country entirely without protection. You alone lend us strength and courage and you also admonish us when we depart from the path. Now they want to attack you, but all of us will be with you because our motto is Solidarity and Union. You fight for our country. We should also do the same for you. Only be careful!

The enemies who are attacking you now are of such little value and unworthy against whom we unsheathe our swords. Wait for them to begin a more serious attack. In the meantime send me some issues of Spanish newspapers in which you are praised. I shall write your defense. I myself will fight for you. Until now I have written only for my country. Now it concerns the honor of a friend!

But, do not pay attention to those people and their slander. You take everything seriously. With the Spaniards do not take everything seriously.

I have translated more than 30 pages of your Memoir. Now I have rested a little. Dr. A. B. Meyer arrived here. He is a very amiable gentleman. He is sending you greetings. Tomorro he leaves.

If you can keep your position as professor (I don't know how things are in Austria), then fear nothing. When we shall have more liberties in the Philippines in a way that you and I may be able to live there, then we shall go. There is a God for honorable persons!

I have read your article in La Solidaridad. It is very good. Plaridel and Ponce write me that your name is the greatest honor for the periodical. But I say that your teachings are even better than your name, for you teach us much.

I greet Dr. Czepelack and wish him prompt recovery.

All the Filipinos greet you.

José Rizal

  Now that you have unsheathed the sword, courage! Satisfied we shall defend you as one of our own, as the best champion of the fight!!!

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