192. Blumentritt, Leitmeritz, 15 October 1893

  Nothing about politics that might embarrass him - He writes him to let him now that he is still alive and to show him their esteem of him - Dr. Rost, weakened by influenza, takes interest in Rizal - Dr. Jagor asked him for information about Rizal - Memory of his visit - Tempi pássati! - His notes on the Ilongots.

  15 October 1893


Dr. José Rizal

My very dear Friend,

They write me that your family have transferred their residence from Hong Kong to Dapitan. I approve of it because thus you will have the joy to embrace your good mother (whose feet I kiss). I have nothing to write you. for fear of having this letter confiscated, for if they have confiscated my last one, I do not know what I could tell you. However, I write you these lines only to let you know, that I am still alive and that we always esteem you cordially.

Dr. Rost has written you a letter; the venerable old man is very much interested in you. A student of mine, who is searching for Spanish manuscripts of the middle ages in the museums, libraries, and archives of London and Oxford, writes me that Rost is very weak as a result of the wicked influenza.

Dr. Jagor has returned from a trip to the Far East. He spent three years in the Dutch Indies, particularly on the Island of Celebes. He asked me if I had your address; I gave it to him, but I do not know if his letter will reach you.

My family are in good health. Many times we recall the beautiful days of your visit with us. Tempi passati!(1)

I have read in Comercio(2) that the present commander of Dapitan is called Lillo Gracia. If this gentleman is the same one who is the author of the most interesting pamphlet on Lepanto, I beg you to greet him on my behalf and to tell him that I have propagated the glory of his name in the geographical reviews of Austria and Germany. I have translated into German his notes on the Ilongots, published in the essay of Mr. Jordana.

And without anything more at present, I am going to finish. I beg you to transmit the affectionate regards of my whole family (who greet you fondly) to your mother and greet respectfully on my behalf the Very Reverend Father Sánchez.

Your friend embraces you,

  Fernando Blumentritt.

(1) Past times!
(2) El Comercio, a Manila periodical.

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