Dr. José Rizal
Philippine National Hero


The house at Calamba in which Rizal was born

Ateneo de Manila

Leaves from Rizal's travel notes and sketches through Europe

Drawings by Rizal


The original cover of the great novel, "Noli Me Tangere"


Oil painting of his sister by Rizal - Miss Saturnina Rizal

Wood carving by Rizal


Sculpture by Rizal when a mere student "The Power of Science over Death"

Remnants from Rizal's Library

Photograph of the original.

Note the erasers and the abbreviations intended to be used instead of the real names in Rizal's handwriting.

Rizal's cell at Fort Santiago

Specimens of Rizal's modeling when an exile at Dapitan

Photograph of the Original of "My last Farewell"


The Rizal Monument at the Luneta decorated for Rizal Day, December 30

A float, Rizal Day, December 30, 1922

The Hero of the Filipinos, by Charles Edward Russell and E. B. Rodriguez, New York and London, 1923
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