International Corpus of English

Using VOICE-Online


This section offers information on managing and retrieving bookmarks in the VOICE Online user account. For information on how to create bookmarks see Creating a bookmark.

7.1 Accessing the bookmarks archive

The bookmarks archive is part of your user account and contains all the bookmarks you have created so far. It can be accessed by clicking on the bar labelled Bookmarks at the bottom of the application area. When clicking on this bar (Bookmarks), it slides to the top of the application area and reveals the bookmarks archive, i.e. a list of all the bookmarks you have created so far.
Screenshot of bookmark archive
The bookmarks archive

7.2 Retrieving a bookmarked utterance

Individual utterances in the corpus can be bookmarked with the help of the context menu (for details see Creating a bookmark). Once a bookmark has been created, it can be retrieved by clicking on its label in the bookmarks archive. When the bookmark is activated in this way, the bookmarked utterance is displayed in the context of the complete corpus text in the content area. The bookmarked utterance is highlighted in pink in the corpus text.

Since bookmarks are displayed in the context of the complete corpus text, they can only be displayed in VOICE style or plain style. KWIC style is not applicable. So you need to select the style voice or plain before activating the bookmark.

If the cursor of the mouse hovers over a bookmark in the list, a small pop-up window appears which provides information on where the bookmarked utterance is located in the corpus (e.g. Text: EDcon250, Utterance: 214).

7.3 Deleting a bookmark

Bookmarks can be deleted from the bookmarks archive by clicking on the X-symbol of the bookmark concerned.