International Corpus of English

Using VOICE-Online

5 Working with output

This section offers information on two additional features which can be used when working with output of corpus searches: the context menu and the speaker information pop-up.

5.1 Context menu for search results

When presented with the search results, there are three main options via a context menu: bookmarking an utterance (bookmark), navigating to a complete corpus text (view text), and increasing the scope of an utterance (inc scope).
Screenshot of context menu
The context menu for search results

The context menu can be activated by clicking on the respective utterance using the right (!) button of the mouse. Alternatively, the context menu for an utterance can also be activated by left-clicking on the panel with the triangular symbol on the very left of the search result.

The context menu is available only in VOICE style and plain style. It is not available in KWIC style.

5.2 Speaker information pop-up

When you click on the speaker ID (e.g. S6:) in a transcript or in an utterance in the search results, a speaker information pop-up window appears.
Screenshot of speaker information
The speaker information pop-up
The speaker information pop-up provides details about the speaker concerned, i.e. her/his age, sex, and first language(s). The languages are coded according to ISO standards, as specified in the corpus header.

The speaker information pop-up also provides cross references to the individual in the corpus and lists all events in which this particular individual participates as a speaker (See the distinction between ‘speakers’ and ‘individuals’ in the corpus statistics.). Additionally, it lists the role of the speaker and the speaker ID (e.g. S1, S5, etc) in the event concerned. Specifications of the speaker roles are provided in the corpus header.