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Additional contributors

Since 2001, when Barbara Seidlhofer launched VOICE as a pilot lingua franca corpus, many students and academics have been contributing to the success of the VOICE project.

Julia Lichtkoppler

From July 2006 to September 2008, Julia worked as an assistant to Barbara Seidlhofer at the English Department of the University of Vienna and in this capacity has supported the VOICE team in the processing and preparation of data.

Kathrin Kordon

Between March and July 2006, Kathrin Kordon worked as an assistant to Barbara Seidlhofer at the English Department of Vienna University and in this capacity supported the VOICE team in the collection of data.

Manual part-of-speech tagging

VOICE data is spoken, highly interactive and contains non-canonical language use. As automatic POS-taggers were not designed to deal with such data, much of the data had to be tagged manually, which was only feasible with help of additional personnel. This team consisted of the following people:

Anonymization of audio files

In order to make the selected audio material available, all sensitive content had to be anonymized. The location of such sensitive content in the audio files is a laborious process, requiring great precision. This was carried out by the following people:

Transcription Team

The compilation of a corpus of spoken language is a time-consuming task, particularly when it comes to transcribing English as a lingua franca. In order to capture its unique ‘non-standard’ characteristics, ELF speech requires specific transcription conventions, which presents transcribers with a laborious and challenging assignment.

Considering the complex nature of transcribing ELF, the VOICE project assigns the task of first-draft transcripts to a number of experienced students and academics. The following people have worked as transcribers for VOICE:

Further Contributors

These committed, and often honorary, team members have supported the VOICE project by offering their expertise, experience and time during several team meetings in the past.

The VOICE team would particularly like to acknowledge the work of Constanze Hauser, Kathrin Kordon and Ulrike Pölzl, who assisted in the design of the first VOICE transcription conventions and helped to lay the foundations for the present VOICE corpus. Special thanks also go to Ulrike Keitsch for her valuable comments contributing to the progress of the VOICE project. Additionally, appreciation should be noted for Thomas Strasser, who provided technical expertise and thus complemented the VOICE team. Furthermore, we thank Stefan Dollinger, who took responsibility for designing the first version of the VOICE website.