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Corpus Description

VOICE comprises transcripts of naturally occurring, non-scripted face-to-face interactions in English as a lingua franca (ELF). The recordings made for VOICE are keyboarded by trained transcribers and stored as a computerized corpus. Currently VOICE comprises 1 million words of spoken ELF interactions, equalling approximately 120 hours of transcribed speech. In addition, 23 recordings of transcribed speech events can also be listened to.

The speakers recorded in VOICE are experienced ELF speakers from a wide range of first language backgrounds. So far, VOICE includes approximately 1250 ELF speakers with approximately 50 different first languages (disregarding varieties of the respective languages). In the initial phase, VOICE focuses mainly, though not exclusively, on European ELF speakers.

The ELF interactions recorded cover a range of different speech events in terms of domain (professional, educational, leisure), function (exchanging information, enacting social relationships), and participant roles and relationships (acquainted vs. unacquainted, symmetrical vs. asymmetrical).

They are classified into the following speech event types:
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