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VOICE thanks

Building a corpus of spoken ELF would not be possible without the help of a large number of individuals and institutions who give us the opportunity to record their daily ELF conversations. While we cannot thank everybody in person - for reasons of feasibility as well as confidentiality - the following institutions have agreed to be mentioned here. We would like to express our thanks to them and also to all others who are not listed here but have kindly supported our data gathering:

In the pilot phase before its establishment as an FWF project, VOICE benefited from the support of a number of academic colleagues:

We would like to thank them here for their inspiration and advice, and for their belief in the project in those early days.

Furthermore, we would like to acknowledge the following institutions who helped the VOICE project by providing knowledge and tools:

Last and most, all team members past and present would like to express their sincere thanks to Henry Widdowson. He has given generously of his time and his ideas, has taken part in countless meetings, discussed difficult issues with us, helped with the editing of numerous texts, enjoyed our successes with us and generally given his unstinting support to the team members in their academic work since the very beginning of the project.