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VoiceScribe is a small and easy to use highlighting editor with an attached audio player. It processes transcripts in plain-text format and audio files in wave format. The general design is fairly platform-independent by using the wxWidgets GUI-toolkit. So far it has been successfully used on Windows and Linux, but the compilation for other platforms should be possible. Pre-built binary packages are currently only available for MS Windows XP.


When the VOICE Project was granted public funding in 2005, the need to make the process of transcribing more reliable became more vital as more transcribers would be needed. Thus, the Transcription Conventions were reworked and formalised and VoiceScribe subsequently developed to help transcribers adhere to the conventions and make transcription more efficient by providing visual feedback and the possibility to control audio playback without having to switch programs.

VoiceScribe was thus developed to meet the particular need for suitably edited transcripts for inclusion in the VOICE corpus. It is now released to the public in the belief that it will prove useful for more general application.


Binary installation packages and source packages of released versions are available on VoiceScribe's project page


Currently, VoiceScribe is only able to read and write plain-text files in UTF-8 encoding. Any other encoding is not supported and may or may not work. At the moment, only the playback of WAVE audio files is supported.


VoiceScribe is released under the General Public License (GPL).