Video Recordings

Most of the presentations at the VSJF Annual Conference have been recorded. Please refer to the links below for the respective presentations:

Ralph LÜTZELER and Wolfram MANZENREITER (University of Vienna) Introduction (12:17) Link

Daniel KREMERS: (German Institute for Japanese Studies, Tokyo)
Enablers and Barriers of Climate Mitigation Policies in Japan: Lessons from Two Local Communities (19:49) Link

FURUTANI Tomoyuki (Keiō University, Tokyo)
Technology in Mountain Farming: Utilising Drones to Strengthening Local Agricultural Business (16:57) Link

Carolin FUNCK (Hiroshima University)
Has the Island Lure Reached Japan? Remote Islands between Tourism Boom, New Residents and Fatal Depopulation (18:42) Link

UENO Shinya (Kumamoto University)
System Dynamics Analysis on Rural Areas Policy (26:39) Link

Johannes Harumi WILHELM (Keiō University, Tokyo)
Shrinking Communities and the Question of the Commons (16:04) Link

ŌSUGA Toshiki (Japanese Institute of Irrigation and Drainage, Tokyo)
Rural Social Capital Research Studies on Land Improvement Projects (17:32) Link

William W. KELLY (Yale University, New Haven)
Akiya in Regional Japan: The Complex Social Relations of Empty Houses (22:09) Link

ISHIKAWA Yoshitaka (Kyōto University)
Peripheral Areas in Contemporary Japan and Migration to Them (20:03) Link

Ludgera LEWERICH (Heinrich-Heine-University, Düsseldorf)
I-Turn Migration as a Means to Rural Revitalization? The Case of Ama (23:21) Link

John W. TRAPHAGAN (University of Texas in Austin)
Entrepreneurs and the Pursuit of Existential Meaning in Rural Japan (25:28) Link

Hanno JENTZSCH (German Institute for Japanese Studies, Tokyo)
Process or Perish? Family Farms, Agricultural Cooperatives, and the “6th Industry” (17:07) Link

IBA Haruhiko / SAKAMOTO Kiyohiko (Kyōto University)
Who Governs Community Farming for Agricultural Efficiency and Residential Welfare? A Critical Application of Governance Theory (19:00) Link

John KNIGHT (Queen’s University, Belfast)
Picking Persimmons before the Monkey Does: Volunteer Tourism and Crop Protection in Rural Japan (19:50) Link

Tolga ÖSZEN (Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey)
The Family, New Actors, and Social Relations in Contemporary Rural Japan (21:10) Link

AKITSU Motoki / OTSUKI Kei (Kyōto University)
The Precarious Balance between Old Residents and New Settlers in Japan’s Rural Community: Inclusion or Novel Development? (23:21) Link

Paul HANSEN (Hokkaidō University, Sapporo)
Kyoko’s Assemblage: Escaping ‘futsū no nihonjin’ in Hokkaidō (22:37, voice only) Link