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Welcome to ODOK 2010!

Dear colleagues!

Harald Weigel On behalf of the Association of Austrian Librarians (VÖB), I would like to welcome you to ODOK 2010, organized jointly by VÖB and the Austrian Society for Documentation and Information (ÖGDI), which will for the first time take place at the University of Mining in Leoben. Eveline Pipp and the programme committee as well as Christian Hasenhüttl with his team at Leoben University Library are working with great enthusiasm and are undertaking all efforts to offer you a highly topical and interesting conference as well as a pleasant stay in Leoben. In addition to the conference, numerous companies will present their brand-new developments and products.

Since 1985 ODOK has been a well-established conference for up-to-date topics relating to information and knowledge, not only as far as technical issues are concerned, but also in terms of the necessary prerequisites in society and political ambitions. The pivotal questions in a knowledge-based society are bound to be the following: What are the terms and conditions to participate in this society? How can we – as information specialists – encourage and enable people to act in a professional and competent way in today’s world, which is ever more dominated by communication and information technologies? How can we contribute to making innovations in the information technology foster progress in the sciences, be economically successful and at the same time serve the common good?

We are looking forward to welcoming you – as speaker, as participant in discussions and of course as guest beyond the official programme. Come and see, experience Leoben and enjoy ODOK 2010!

Harald Weigel
President of the Association
of Austrian Librarians


Dear colleagues!

Gabriele Sauberer The conference theme of ODOK 2010 – »Wissenszugang und Informationskompetenz für alle?« (»Access To Knowledge And Information Competency For Everyone?«) – is a central issue of and a topic of major interest to the Austrian Society for Documentation and Information (ÖGDI). How can we enable access to content, knowledge, know-how and expertise, what are the challenges for information specialists and where do we stand in Austria when it comes to information literacy and terminologies? These topics represent focal points in the work of the Austrian Society for Documentation and Information and surveys as well as project results are already available from ÖGDI member institutions.

Use the opportunity at ODOK 2010 in Leoben to discuss with experts from the German speaking countries. Share your knowledge and experience with us and the colleagues of the Austrian Association of Librarians (VÖB) with whom we organize ODOK 2010.

We are looking forward to seeing you and listening to your contribution at ODOK 2010!

Gabriele Sauberer
Chairwoman of the Austrian Society
for Documentation and Information