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Statutes The Austrian Zoological-Botanical Society (ÖZBG) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to stimulating the study of scientific zoology, botany and ecology, promoting research on the fauna and flora, and mediating contacts between scientists and with the interested public.
Publications The activities of the Society and events in the field of natural sciences are reported several times per year in the Mitteilungen. The Verhandlungen appear once a year and are open to all authors who wish to publish original work with an ecological or systematic content that has a bearing on Austria or its neighboring countries. The Abhandlungen, which appear at irregular intervals, are monographic in character and serve to publish more comprehensive works. The Koleopterologische Rundschau is published in cooperation with the Wiener Coleopterologenverein.
Library The library encompasses monographs along with currently ca. 1000 periodicals that have been obtained through library exchange programs. It is open to all interested parties.
Exchange of Publications Since 1851 there has been a connection between the society's publishing activities and its scientific library. Today 433 institutions all over the world receive our publications.We are always glad to find new exchange partners.
Events The Society organizes lectures by researchers from both at home and abroad. The individual sections (Geobotany, Entomology, Ornithology, etc.) also hold their own events, which include excursions.
Membership Membership is open to everyone. Members receive the Verhandlungen annually and are kept up to date on the activities of the Society several times per year by the Mitteilungen. They can also purchase the Abhandlungen and back issues of all publications at preferential prices. The membership fee is EURO 36. Registration: e-mail: Wolfgang.Punz@univie.ac.at
Information leaflet Here you can download our information leaflet. (100 KB)
Contributions Based on the official notice from the Federal Ministry of Science and Research, contributions to the ÖZBG are fully tax deductible. Our bank account: Österreichische Postsparkasse PSK 7129.207

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