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Verhandlungen - Volume 133, (1996)

  • MAIER R., PUNZ W., DÖRFLINGER A. N., HIETZ P., BRANDLHOFER M. & FUSSENEGGER K.: Ecosystem Vienna — The subsystems and their vegetation structure ... page 1
  • PUNZ W., MAIER R., HIETZ P. & DÖRFLINGER A. N.: The urban metabolism of Vienna (Austria): energy and material balance ... page 27
  • DÖRFLINGER, A. N., HIETZ P., MAIER R. & PUNZ W.: The urban carbon balance: Vienna as a case study, with special emphasis on plant biomass and net primary production ... page 41
  • MAIER R., PUNZ W., DÖRFLINGER A. N. & GRÜNWEIS F. M.: Potential natural vegetation and anthropogenic appropriation of net primary production in Vienna ... page 77
  • EISINGER K.: Photosynthesis of urban plants ... page 87
  • CHRISTIAN E.: The Geophilida (Chilopoda) from the Municipal Area of Vienna ... page 107
  • WILLNER W.: Ash-dominated forests on mountain peaks in the "Wienerwald" (Eastern Austria) ... page 133
  • HOLAREK C., RAUSCH C., HEIN Th. & GÄTZ N.: Qualitative and quantitative changes of phyto- and zooplankton in der Danube and a backwater under different hydrological conditions ... page 185
  • SCHAGERL M., KRBEC H., NAIRZ S. & WIELTSCHNIG C.: Pelagic primary production in the Danubian backwater system "Regelsbrunner Au" (Lower Austria) ... page 201
  • GANSTERER M., GAVIRIA E., MOSER S., POINTNER G., TRAUNMÜLLER E. & ZIKA J.: Sediment structure, zoobenthos and oligochaete distribution in two backwaters of the riverine forest system of Danube River (Lower Austria) ... page 217
  • DEUTSCH I., KIENASBERGER E., ROTTER D., STELZER D., UHL M. & WEIGAND E.: Distribution and coexistence of unionids in a floodplain area of the Danube at Regelsbrunn (Lower Austria) ... page 235
  • RABITSCH W. & WAITZBAUER W.: Contribution to the bug-fauna (Insecta: Heteroptera) of xerothermic dry grass ecosystems in eastern Lower Austria. 1. Hundsheimer Berge ... page 251
  • ELLMAUER Th.: Austrian meadow communities and their relevance for biodiversity ... page 277
  • DOBEÆ Ch., KIEHN M. & VITEK E.: Contributions to the flora of vascular plants of Austria: Chromosome counts III ... page 301
  • KOVANDA M.: New taxa of Sorbus from Bohemia (Czech Republic) ... page 319
  • KOVANDA M.: Observations on Sorbus in Southwest Moravia (Czech Republic) and adjacent Austria I ... page 347
  • BALÁTOVÁ-TULÁCKOVÁ E.: Moist meadow communities in the district Frýdlant v Cechách (Northern Bohemia) ... page 371
  • FUNKE W.: Breeding behaviour of Phytoecia cylindrica (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae) ... page 407

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