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Verhandlungen - Volume 135, (1998)

  • BALÁTOVÁ TULÁCKOVÁ E. & HÁJEK M.: Moist meadow communities in the southern part of the Bílé Karpaty Mts. Protected Landscape Area (Southeast Moravia) ... page 1
  • CHRISTIAN E.: The fauna of the catacombs of St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna 4... page 1
  • GAVIRIA E., HAGER U., SCHMALWIESER M. & TIETZ A., 1998: An attempt to characterize the backwaters of the river-floodplain system of Regelsbrunn (Lower Austria) by means of their oligochaete fauna ... page 61
  • GEISER E.: How many animal species live in Austria? Survey, projected results and estimations ... page 81
  • GRABNER T., HABERMANN B., NIEDERL E., POLKE G., SCHLOSSER K., SCHRAMMEL B., WEIGAND E. & ZWEIMÜLLER I.: Hatching success of bitterling larvae from freshwater mussels in a dynamic backwater system of the Austrian Danube (Regelsbrunner Au) ... page 95
  • JANAUER G. A. & HEINDL E.: Kohler's estimation: on the validity of the function f(y) = ax3 as a measure for macrophyte mass ... page 117
  • MACHATSCHEK M.: Margins of Heracleum mantegazzianum in Innsbruck-Hötting ... page 129
  • MAYER V.: Teasing the florists: a remarkable mutant of Knautia cf. arvensis (Dipsacaceae) ... page 141
  • PRIESTER A., STEINBERGER K. H. & WAITZBAUER W.: Ground spiders on a xerothermic dry grass site on the Hainburger Schloßberg (Lower Austria) (Arachnida: Araneae) ... page 151
  • PUNZ W., AIGNER B., SCHIMPL C., PIETSCH G., SCHOSMEIER E. & MAIER R.: Urban commons in Vienna ... page 171
  • RABITSCH W., ORTEL J. & WAITZBAUER W.: Contribution to the bug fauna (Insecta: Heteroptera) of xerothermic dry grass ecosystems in eastern Lower Austria. 2. Eichkogel bei Mödling ... page 185
  • SCHAGERL M. & DONABAUM K.: Periphyton in the Danube River near Klosterneuburg (Austria) ... page 205
  • TRÖSTL R. A.: Faunistic-ecological studies on gastropod communities in the Wienerwald area. - 4. The Asperulo odoratae-Fagetum SOUGNEZ & THILL 1959 from the Kahlenberg, Hinterhainbach (environ), Hermannskogel and Gränberg. 5. The Carici pilosae-Fagetum OBERDORFER 1957 from the Sauberg ... page 231
  • TRÖSTL R. A.: Faunistic-ecological studies on gastropod communities in the Wienerwald area. - 6. Kalenderberg (Mödlinger Klause) ... page 259
  • WENDELBERGER G.: On the independent status of the planar belt - A vindication ... page 271
  • WENZL M.: Contribution to the evaluation of naturalness of rivers: a methodological comparison illustrated at Steyrling river (Upper Austrian Limestone Alps) ... page 289
  • WYCHERA U. & JANAUER G. A.: Longitudinal versus transverse transect mapping of aquatic macrophytes in the lower section of the "New Danube", Vienna ... page 313
  • ZECHMEISTER H. G. & GRABHERR G.: The flora of St. Stephan's cathedral, Vienna ... page 323
  • ZECHMEISTER H. G., HUMER K. & HOHENWALLNER D.: Historic bryophyte-flora of Vienna. Part 1: Liverworts and hornworts. ... page 343
  • ZECHMEISTER H. G., HOHENWALLNER D. & HUMER K.: Historic bryophyte-flora of Vienna. Part 2: Mosses ... page 353
  • Obituary: Prof. Dr. Hermann MEUSEL ... page 381
  • Reviews ... page 385
  • Society ... page 405

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