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Verhandlungen - Volume 137, (2000)

  • HOFER A. & WAITZBAUER W.: Contribution to the insect fauna of the Nature Reserve Eichkogel near Mödling/Lower Austria. 1. Selected groups of Diptera of dry grass habitats ... page 1
  • PEIRITSCH J.: Beetles inhabiting sheep droppings in dry pastures on the Hundsheimer Berg (eastern Austria) ... page 31
  • PEIRITSCH J. & WAITZBAUER W.: The impact of sheep grazing as a conservation measure for dry pastures in eastern Austria (Hundsheimer Berge) ... page 45
  • POVOLNÝ D.: Contribution to the flesh-fly fauna of the Hundsheimer Berg (Lower Austria) ... page 63
  • RIEDL B.: A survey of selected arthropod groups from a natural xerothermic dry grass site on the southwest slope of the Braunsberg near Hainburg (Lower Austria) ... page 77
  • SCHRATT-EHRENDORFER L.: History and present situation of xeric alluvial biotopes along the Danube near Vienna (Lobau) ... page 127
  • SCHRATT-EHRENDORFER L.: Successional tendencies of vegetation types at special habitats of the Danubian floodplains near Vienna (Untere Lobau) ... page 137
  • TRÖSTL R.: On the occurrence of Orcula dolium (DRAPARNAUD, 1801) in the Flysch-Wienerwald ... page 147
  • TRÖSTL R.: Defining supraspecific gastropod taxa: a faunistic-ecological approach ... page 153
  • FISCHER R.: Rare forest communities along the Traunsee ... page 161
  • BARTOSOVÁ M. & POVOLNÝ D.: Heavy metal contents of flesh-flies and their hosts from selected habitats in Lower Austria and South Moravia ... page 175
  • BALÁTOVÁ-TULÁCKOVÁ E.: Communities of the Molinietalia order in the "Orlické hory Protected Landscape Area" (Northeast Bohemia) ... page 205
  • KIRÁLY G.: New results of floristic research in the western border region of Hungary ... page 235
  • SIEGHARDT H., PUNZ W. & REIMITZ R.: Anatomical studies on plants from the "Eislöcher" in Eppan (South Tyrol/Italy) ... page 255
  • PAVLICEV M., PUNZ W. & MAIER R.: Ecosystem-based analysis of material and energy fluxes in Ptuj (Slovenia) ... page 265

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