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Verhandlungen - Volume 138, (2001)

  • KINDL-STAMATOPOLOS L.: Arthropods on the banks of Wien River in the built-up area of Vienna …1
  • KIRCH S.: Survey of selected ground arthropods of a lunewood forest on Eichkogel (Mödling, Lower Austria). I. Araneae …17
  • TRÖSTL R.: Faunistic-ecological studies on gastropod communities at the Schneeberg (Lower Austria) …35
  • SCHLÜSSLMAYR G.: The bryophyte vegetation of the Leithagebirge in Burgenland (Austria) …65
  • STARMÜHLER W.: Systematics and chorology of the genus Delphinium (Ranunculaceae) in Austria …95
  • PAGITZ K.: The "Anomalous Rapsberry" (Rubus idaeus L. F. Anomalus ARRHEN.) In Austria …121
  • PUNZ W.: Heavy metal accumulating and hyperaccumulating plants on mining areas in the Eastern Alps …129
  • ERB K.-H.: Land-use induced changes of the aboveground standing crop and turnover as indicators for anthropogenic interventions in terrestrial ecosystems — the case of Austria…137
  • BALATOVA-TULACKOVA E.: Silaetum pratensis and Galio borealis-Cirsietum Cani in Eastern and Central Bohemia …157
  • DE FOUCAULT B. & JULVE Ph.: Syntaxonomy of the shrub communities of Rhamno catharticae-Prunetea spinosae RIVAS-GODAY & BORJA-CARBONELL 1961 in Europe …177
  • Lectures on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Society …245
  • PUNZ W.: Brief history of the Society …247
  • KLEMUN M.: The foundation of the "Zoological-Botanical Society" in 1851: A "cathedral" of natural science and biology in the scientific landscape of the Habsburg Monarchy …255
  • In memoriam Susy NEMENZ …271
  • Obituary of Prof. Dr. Elisabeth WOESS …275
  • Reviews …279
  • Society …283

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