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Verhandlungen - Volume 139, (2002)

  • Ingeborg SCHINNINGER, Rudolf MAIER und Wolfgang PUNZ, 2001: Site description and ecological characteristics of higher plants on the abandoned goods railway Station Wien Nord (Vienna, Austria) …1
  • Marina TCHERKASSOVA, Elisabeth GAVIRIA and Astrid GALL: The distribution of zoobenthos and oligochaetes of three backwaters of the riverine forest system of Danube near Orth (Lower Austria) …11
  • Claudia WURTH: Effects ofextensive grazing and shrub cutting on the ground beetles of dry grassland …25
  • Pamela ZOLDA: Investigations on the nematode community of dry grass meadows in the national park Lake Neusiedl, Seewinkel, Austria …53
  • Robert FISCHER: The valuable broad-leaved forest-communities in the Limestone Alps and Prealps in Upper Austria …59
  • Franz ESSL: Distribution and phytosociological characteristics of the box tree (Buxus sempervirens L.) in the Enns and Steyr valleys (Upper Austria) ... 75
  • Daniela ZIEHMAYER, Rudolf MAIER and Wolfgang PUNZ: Ecosystem-based energy, carbon dioxide and nitrogen balance of the rural village Altenberg near Linz/Austria comparing historical and present data …97
  • Christina MLADEK and Helmuth SIEGHARDT: Anatomical and X-ray microanalytical studies on Silene vulgaris subsp. glareosa inhabiting heavy-metal containing calcareous screes in the Southeastern Alps …109
  • Zdenka NEUHÄUSLOVA and Victoria ELTSOVA: Soldanello-Piceetum in South Bohemia, Czech Republic …123
  • Emilie BALATOVA-TULACKOVA: Survey of moist meadow and forb-rich communities of the alliance of Calthion occurring in the Czech Republic …135
  • Georg A. JANAUER: Water Framework Directive, European Standards and the Assessment of Macrophytes in Lakes: A Methodology for Scientific and Practical Application …143
  • Reviews …149
  • Society …157

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