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Verhandlungen - Volume 141, (2004)

  • Wolfgang PUNZ, Martin KOBER, Katrin ARMEANU, Robert KUGLER, Manfred ENGENHART, Ingeborg SCHINNINGER, Helmuth SIEGHARDT, Rudolf MAIER: Contributions to the ecology of Ailanthus altissima in Vienna ...1
  • Franz ESSL: Distribution and habitat preference of Saxifraga × urbium, S. × geum and S. cuneifolia in Upper Austria ...13
  • Harald G. ZECHMEISTER: The bryophyte vegetation of the „Natura 2000 Area Neusiedlersee“, with an emphasis on the saline meadows of the Seewinkel-area (Austria) ...43
  • Roman TÜRK: New and rare lichens from the Eastern Alps ...63
  • Gustav WENDELBERGER: The disjunct relict distribution of Artemisia atrata in the Alps ...75
  • Bettina AIGNER, Helmuth SIEGHARDT, Wilfried KÖRNER, Marieluise WEIDINGER: Heavy metal accumulation in Thlaspi minimum and Arabidopsis halleri, a comparison ...79
  • Wolfgang PUNZ, Wolfgang RABITSCH & Susanne GINTENREITER: Heavy metal load of animals, plants and soils at alpine mining sites ...85
  • Michael HOSCHITZ: Community and trophic structure of soil nematodes associated with Vitis spp. in Austria ...97
  • Georg SCHIFKO: A piece of New Zealand in Vienna: comments on the ornithological and anthropological collection of Andreas Reischek ...109
  • Petra HUDLER & Wolfgang PUNZ: The exchange of publications by the Zoologisch-Botanische Gesellschaft in Oesterreich (Austrian Zoological-Botanical Society). II. Koleopterologische Rundschau ...119
  • Elfrune WENDELBERGER: Günther Schwab celebrated his 100th birthday! ...127
  • Werner PILLMANN: The ideas remain alive. Univ.-Prof Dr. Werner Katzmann, 6.5. 1943 - 28.2.2004 ...129
  • Reviews ...131
  • From the society ...143

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