Zoologisch-Botanische Gesellschaft Österreich

Statement of the Board and Scientific advisory board of the Zoological-Botanical Society Austria

We express our shock at the Russian attack against Ukraine, a democratic and independent country. This invasion is a violation of international law and of core values of humanity. We strongly condemn this offense against the fundamental principles of freedom, democracy, and self-determination – the basis for academic freedom and for scientific exchange and cooperation.

Above all, we call on the Russian leadership to immediately put an end to this war against Ukraine.

We express our deepest sympathy and solidarity with the people of Ukraine, in particular with the scientific community and the scientists in Ukraine. While we are aware that speaking out publicly against this senseless and criminal war is difficult for Russian citizens under the current regime, we particularly treasure the courage of those colleagues that do so. Also, we are very appreciative of everybody who supports de-escalation in this conflict.

Scientific cooperation and exchange between Austrian, Ukrainian and Russian institutions and individuals have always been part of common European culture and intellectual identity. We would like to encourage and support scientists and scientific organizations worldwide to raise their voice against this attack of freedom and humanity.


Möglichkeiten für ukrainische Wissenschaftler, sich für Forschungsaufenthalte in Österreich über den ÖAW zu bewerben/Opportunity for Ukrainian scientists to apply for research stay in Austria:

Soforthilfe für kriegsbetroffene Studierende/Emergency instant aid for war affected students: https://www.oeh.ac.at/ukraine-info?mtm_campaign=newsletter_2022-03


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