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Heinz von Foerster 100
Organizing Institutions:
Heinz von Foerster Gesellschaft / Wien
ASC – American Society for Cybernetics
WISDOM – Wiener Institut für
  sozialwissenschaftliche Dokumentation und Methodik

Institut für Zeitgeschichte | Universität Wien
AINS – Austrian Institute for Nonlinear Studies
Piotr Garbaczewski

Probabilistic whereabouts of the "quantum potential"

Institute of Physics
University of Opole
45-052 Opole, Poland

We review major appearances of the functional expression +/- Δrho^(1/2)/rho^(1/2) and the likes in the theory of random motion and various quantum mechanically supported dynamical scenarios. Motivations behind the idea of the Brownian recoil principle [Phys. Rev. A 46, (1992), 4634 and Phys. Rev. E 59, (1999), 1498] are outlined, together with its apparent links with some of L. Fritsche and M. Haugk arguments [Ann. Phys (Leipzig) 6, (2003), 271].

Professor of Physics, since 1998,
current affiliation: Institute of Physics, Opole University, Opole, Poland,
Msc 1971, PhD 1974, Dr hab. 1982, all degrees in theoretical physics,
affiliation 1971-1998 Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of
Wroclaw, Poland,
About 130 scientific publications, 1 monograph (1985), 4 editorials
(Karpacz Winter School of Theoretical Physics series, 1991, 1995, 2002,
2010), details: