Evolvienna Spring Symposium “Out of the Blue — origins and evolution of cells and regulatory systems in marine species”

Posted on April 26th, 2011 | News

Organizer: Florian Raible

The Evolvienna Spring Symposium will take place on May 9 at the Vienna Biocenter Campus (IMBA lecture hall, Dr. Bohr-Gasse 3).
The thematic focus of this symposium will be on evolution from a marine perspective. As the ocean is believed to be the cradle of evolution, the investigation of marine species has particular interest for evolutionary research. Our speakers cover a spectrum of different evolutionary topics, ranging from gene-regulatory networks and cell type evolution to the evolution of symbioses and molecular marine chronobiology.


14:00 Patrick Steinmetz
Dept. of Molecular Evolution and Development, University of Vienna
A phylogenomic perspective on muscle evolution

14:40 Patrick Lemaire
Macromolecular Biochemistry Research Center (CRBM), Montpellier
Evolution of embryonic morphogenesis in chordates

15:30 Break and refreshments

16:00 Monica Bright
Dept. of Marine Biology, University of Vienna
Biology and evolution of chemoautotroph symbioses in deep sea hydrothermal vents

16:40 Kristin Tessmar
Max F. Perutz Labs, University of Vienna
Shedding light on marine rhythms

17:20 Tobias Kaiser
Max F. Perutz Labs, University of Vienna
Local adaptation in circadan and lunar emergence times of the marine midge Clunio marinus

18:00 Food and Drinks

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