Conference: Information, Probability and Inference in Systems Biology (IPISB2016)

The Information, Probability and Inference in Systems Biology Conference (IPISB2016) will be held from May 18-20, 2016 at IST Austria in Klosterneuburg, Austria.

Conference organizers:

Peter Swain, University of Edinburgh
Gasper Tkacik, IST Austria

The meeting will address the following key areas

- The links between control theory, decision-making, and information theory, as applied to systems, evolutionary, and synthetic biology

-  New information-theoretic approaches to sensing and signal transduction by cells with an emphasis on dynamic problems, including the quantification and statistical estimation of information in molecular biology.

- Study of stochastic biochemical networks—new developments in Monte Carlo simulation methods, approximate analytical techniques, and the need for a more developed theory of stochastic chemical reaction networks.

- Inferential methods for statistical modelling of time series data from single cells, including simulation-based methods, likelihood-free inference, particle filtering techniques and reversible jump MCMC.

- Cellular decision-making, both intracellular and intercellular—how to apply mathematics of decision theory to the biological context.

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