23rd European Conference
on Iteration Theory

June 27th-July 1st, 2021

Reichenau an der Rax, AUSTRIA

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In order to travel to Reichenau it is recommended first to travel to Vienna and then from Vienna to Reichenau. However, there are alternative possibilities to travel to Reichenau, in particular it is also easy reachable from Graz.

Travel to Vienna by airplane

Vienna International Airport is in Schwechat about 17 km to the southeast of Vienna. There are several possibilities to travel from the airport to the city centre. If you want to go directly to Reichenau use the train or the bus to “Hauptbahnhof”.

Between 6 and 22 there is a train to “Hauptbahnhof” every 30 minutes. Its travel time is 21 minutes and its price is 4.20 € for a single ticket. From the arrival hall follow the signs to the trains. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket counter in the arrival hall or at a ticket vending machine close to the station.

Using the exits of the airport arrival hall you arrive at the bus terminal. Between 6.00 and 0.30 there is a bus to “Hauptbahnhof” every 30 minutes (from “Hauptbahnhof” to the airport there is a bus every 30 minutes between 4.15 and 0.45). The travel time is about 25 minutes, the price is 8 € for a single ticket and 13 € for a return ticket. One can buy these tickets directly from the driver.

Going to the city centre (instead of going directly to “Hauptbahnhof”) the cheapest possibility is to use the train from the airport to “Wien-Mitte”. Between 5 and 24 there is a train every 30 minutes, the travel time is about 25 minutes.

Another possibility is to use the “City Airport Train” (“CAT”) which takes 16 minutes to “Wien-Mitte”. Between 6 and 23 it runs every 30 minutes. Going to the airport with “CAT” one could use the “City Check-In” at “Wien-Mitte” (instead of checking in at the airport). At the airport buy the tickets at the “CAT” ticket counter in the arrival hall or at the “CAT” ticket vending machine close to the station.

Using a bus to “Morzinplatz/Schwedenplatz” (one stop of the metro apart from “Wien-Mitte”) is another option. Between 4.45 and 1.45 there is a bus every 30 minutes (from “Morzinplatz/Schwedenplatz” to the airport there is a bus every 30 minutes between 3.30 and 23.30), travel time is about 25 minutes.

Of course one could also use taxis but this is more expansive. Use the right exit of the arrival hall in order to go to the taxis. Depending on the company there is usually a fixed price for the travel to Vienna (it may depend on your destination). For the travel to the city centre the price is usually 25 € to 40 €. Ask for the price before you use the taxi!

Travel to Vienna by train

International trains to Vienna usually arrive at “Hauptbahnhof”.

Travel from Vienna to Reichenau

From Vienna “Hauptbahnhof” there are trains to “Payerbach-Reichenau”. If you come from Graz or Klagenfurt you can change the train in Wiener Neustadt or Semmering (check the route planner for your best connection). After arriving at the railway station “Payerbach-Reichenau” take a bus in direction “Hirschwang-Raxbahn” (if you use the route planner type “Reichenau an der Rax Gemeindeamt” in the field “To”). Get off at the stop “Reichenau-Gemeindeamt”. It is the fourth stop of the bus (but note that it may be that the bus does not stop at every stop), almost immediately before this stop the bus passes at “Billa” and “Spar” (“Eurospar”), both on the right side of the bus. Continuing in the same direction after about 200 metres there is Hotel Marienhof at the left side.

Travel to Reichenau by car

The best possibility is to use S6 (Semmering-Schnellstraße) and get off at the exit “Gloggnitz”. From there use B27 (Höllental-Bundesstraße) in direction “Reichenau”. In Reichenau continue at the main street. After you see “Billa” and “Spar” (“Eurospar”) on the right side continue for about 400 m. Here at the left side is Hotel Marienhof (about 10 km from the exit “Gloggnitz”).