Harmonic Analysis and Applications

June 4-8, 2018


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List of accepted Talks:

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  1. "Randomness in time-frequency analysis and acoustical modelling"
    Abreu, Luis Daniel

  2. "Shannon sampling theorem: a second look through Mellin analysis"
    Bardaro, Carlo

  3. "Harmonic analysis techniques and orthonormal Strichartz estimates"
    Bez, Neal

  4. "Poisson Summation, Selberg Trace, and Sampling on General Manifolds"
    Casey, Stephen

  5. "Frames and dynamical sampling"
    Christensen, Ole

  6. "Coorbit Spaces with Voice in a Frechet Space"
    Dahlke, Stephan

  7. "Noncommutative coherent states and related aspects of Berezin-Toeplitz quantization"
    Englis, Miroslav

  8. "Minimizing Riesz potentials: a way of distributing points in spheres"
    Etayo, Ujue

  9. "Two Ubiquitous Constants other than E and Pi"
    Faulhuber, Markus

  10. "Sampling and interpolation sets in several complex variables"
    Haimi, Antti

  11. "Wavelets meet boundary integral equations"
    Harbrecht, Helmut

  12. "An optimization approach to multidimensional wavelets"
    Hogan, Jeff

  13. "Time-frequency analysis of sparse MIMO radar"
    Holger, Rauhut

  14. "Toeplitz localization operators: spectral functions density"
    Hutnik, Ondrej

  15. "The exponential sampling theorem, related results and its generalizations"
    Illaria, Mantellini

  16. "Skew-symmetric differentiation matrices and spectral methods on the real line"
    Iserles, Arieh

  17. "Generalized integral transforms and pseudo-differential operators"
    Jain, Pankaj

  18. "Chain sequences, continued fractions and $L^1$-algebras associated with orthogonal polynomials"
    Kahler, Stefan Alexander

  19. "Analyis of Shearlet Coorbit Spaces as Decomposition Spaces"
    Koch, Rene

  20. "Sparse continuous wavelet transforms via a wavelet-Plancherel theory"
    Levie, Ron

  21. "Generalized localization operators: Cohen's class and trace class operators"
    Luef, Franz

  22. "Hyperbolic wavelet frames and multiresolution analysis in weighted Bergman spaces"
    Margit, Pap

  23. "Convex domains, lattice points, and Fourier analysis"
    Marshall, Nicholas

  24. "Semigroups, Interpolation and Approximation spaces, Sampling: the mathematics of Paul Butzer"
    Pesenson, Isaac

  25. "Weak Weyl's Law and average sampling on metric measure spaces"
    Pesenson, Isaac

  26. "Iteration methods in function spaces"
    Pick, Lubos

  27. "On generalized derivative sampling series expansion"
    Pogany, Tibor

  28. "A romantic encounter of coorbit theory and decomposition space theory"
    Rottensteiner, David

  29. "Bounds for Minimal Discrete Riesz and Gaussian Energy"
    Saff, Edward Barry

  30. "Dictionary learning - from local towards global and adaptive"
    Schnass, Karin

  31. "Lower sampling bounds for planar sets of sampling for the STFT"
    Speckbacher, Michael

  32. "New Challenges in Pure and Applied Harmonic Analysis"
    Steinerberger, Stefan

  33. "Numerical integration, comparison of probabilistic and deterministic point sets"
    Stepaniuk, Tetiana

  34. "Formulas for the inversion of frame multipliers"
    Stoeva, Diana

  35. "Extended Gevrey regularity - new perspectives"
    Tomic, Filip

  36. "A Guided Tour of Decomposition Spaces"
    Voigtlaender, Felix

  37. "Entropy numbers of embeddings of Schatten classes"
    Vybiral, Jan

  38. "Modulation spaces and Navier-Stokes equation"
    Wang, Baoxiang

  39. "Summability in variable Hardy and Hardy-Lorentz spaces"
    Weisz, Ferenc

  40. "Convolution Theorem for Fractional Integral Transforms"
    Zayed, Ahmed

List of accepted Posters:

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  1. "Wavelets functions (WF) and time dependant Density Functional Theory (TDDFT) application to quantum abinitio models for ultra-fast femtosecond photo emission"
    Babigeon, Jean-Luc

  2. "Vanishing moment criteria for atomic decompositions"
    Burtscheidt, Achim

  3. "Wave packet smoothness spaces"
    Bytchenkoff, Dimitri

  4. "Projections in the l1 algebra of a crystal group: an example"
    Carline, Emma

  5. "An application of Krein Reproducing Kernel Modules"
    Cerejeiras, Paula

  6. "Boundedness results for pseudodifferential operators"
    D'Elia, Lorenza

  7. "Sparse Frequency Estimation and the RIP"
    Diederichs, Benedikt

  8. "The voice transform on the real Blaschke subgroup"
    Eisner, Tímea

  9. "Construction of function spaces close to $L^?$ with associate space close to $L^1$"
    Gogatishvili, Amiran

  10. "Orthogonality of generalized translation invariant frame pairs for function spaces on LCA groups"
    Gumber, Anupam

  11. "Towards robust voice pathology detection"
    Harár, Pavol

  12. "Some aspects of warped time-frequency representations on $R^d$ and associated function spaces"
    Holighaus, Nicki

  13. "Weighted iterated Lp-Lq inequalities involving fractional convolution"
    Jain, Sandhya

  14. "The duality principle for multi-window super Gabor systems"
    Jakobsen, Mads S.

  15. "Approximation by generalized sampling series in weighted $L_p$ spaces"
    Kolomoitsev, Yurii

  16. "Using B-spline frames to approximate solutions of acoustic scattering problems"
    Kreuzer, Wolfgang

  17. "Wavelet packet transformation associated with linear canonical Hankel transformation"
    Kumar, Tanuj

  18. "Stable set of sampling in a shift invariant space with multiple generators"
    Kumar, Sarvesh

  19. "The difficulty of Monte Carlo approximation of multivariate monotone functions"
    Kunsch, Robert J.

  20. "Sampling and reconstruction of multiple-input multiple-output channels"
    Lee, Dae Gwan

  21. "Non-linear effects on coded excitation for microultrasound"
    Lemke, Christina

  22. "Optimal function spaces for some classical operators of harmonic analysis"
    Mihula, Zdeněk

  23. "The P2NFFT method for mixed charge-dipole systems"
    Nestler, Franziska

  24. "The homogeneous approximation property and localized Gabor frames"
    Neuhauser, Markus

  25. "Permissible and defective support patterns of covariance matrices in the identification of stochastic operators"
    Pohl, Volker

  26. "Pseudo-differential operators involving Kontorovich-Lebedev transform"
    Prasad, Akhilesh

  27. "Fast Matching Pursuit with Multi-Gabor Dictionaries"
    Prusa, Zdenek

  28. "Gram and cross-Gram operators of continuous frames in Hilbert spaces"
    Rahimi, Asghar

  29. "Adhoc method to obtain the time-frequency representation back from reassigned STFT magnitude"
    Rajbamshi, Shristi

  30. "Reproducing Subgroups of Affine Weyl-Heisenberg groups"
    Rashidi, Narjes

  31. "Controlled fusion frames in Hilbert C*-modules"
    Rashidi-Kouchi, Mehdi

  32. "Inhomogeneous shearlet coorbit spaces"
    Sawatzki, Lukas

  33. "Pairwise orthogonal frames generated by regular representations of LCA groups"
    Shukla, Niraj Kumar

  34. "On Cohen's class distributions"
    Skrettingland, Eirik

  35. "$l^p(G)$ - linear independence for systems generated by dual integrable representations of LCA groups"
    Slamic, Ivana

  36. "A sharp version of the Hoermander multiplier theorem"
    Slavikova, Lenka

  37. "The boundedness of the Cesaro means in variable dyadic martingale Hardy spaces"
    Szarvas, Kristóf

  38. "Information-theoretic analysis of generalized compressive sensing"
    Tauboeck, Georg

  39. "Pseudo-Differential operators of homogeneous symbol associated with Kontorovich-Lebedev transform"
    Upadhyay, Santosh Kumar

  40. "Criteria and the local integrability condition for generalised translation-invariant frames."
    Van Velthoven, Jordy

  41. "Frames from Local Time-Frequency Systems"
    Velasco, Gino Angelo

  42. "Pseudo-differential operator associated with the $\mu^{th}$ order Mehler-Fock transform"
    Verma, Sandeep Kumar

  43. "Multiple rank-1 lattice sampling and high-dimensional sparse FFT"
    Volkmer, Toni

  44. "The Weyl product on quasi-Banach modulation spaces"
    Wahlberg, Patrik