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Organisation in the field of science

As regards its scientific organisation, the University of Vienna has been subdivided into 15 Faculties and four Centres. The Faculties are responsible for research and teaching, while the Centres, additionally, fulfil specific tasks for the University or mainly serve either as research or as teaching bodies, respectively.

Faculty of Catholic Theology
Dean: Sigrid Müller
Vice-Dean: Jan-Heiner Tück
Vice-Dean: Hans Gerald Hödl
Internal Structure  

Faculty of Protestant Theology (in German)
Dean: Christian Danz
Vice-Dean: Martin Rothgangel
Internal Structure

Faculty of Law
Dean: Heinz Mayer
Vice-Dean: Susanne Reindl-Krauskopf
Vice-Dean: August Reinisch
Vice-Dean: Bettina Perthold
Internal Structure 

Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics
Dean: Oliver Fabel
Vice-Dean: Ana Begona Ania Martinez
Vice-Dean: Thomas Gehrig
Internal Structure

Faculty of Computer Science  
Dean: Wolfgang Klas
Vice-Dean: Stefanie Rinderle-Ma
Internal Structure

Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies (in German)
Dean: Claudia Theune-Vogt
Vice-Dean: Peter Eigner
Vice-Dean: Wolfgang Schmale
Internal Structure

Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies
Dean: Matthias Meyer
Vice-Dean: Regine Allgayer-Kaufmann
Vice-Dean: Stefan Hulfeld
Vice-Dean: Michael Zach
Internal Structure

Faculty of Philosophy and Education (in German)
Dean: Elisabeth Nemeth
Vice-Dean: Wilfried Datler
Internal Structure

Faculty of Psychology (in German)
Dean: Germain Weber
Vice-Dean: Erich Kirchler
Vice-Dean: Claus Lamm
Internal Structure

Faculty of Social Sciences
Dean: Rudolf Richter
Vice-Dean: Hanna Mayer
Vice-Dean: Ulrike Felt
Vice-Dean: Wolfgang C. Müller
Internal Structure

Faculty of Mathematics
Dean: Harald Rindler
Vice-Dean: Christian Krattenthaler
Vice Dean: Bernhard Lamel
Internal Structure

Faculty of Physics
Dean: Markus Arndt
Vice-Dean: Wolfgang Lang
Internal Structure

Faculty of Chemistry (in German)
Dean: Bernhard Keppler
Vice-Dean: Walther Schmid
Vice-Dean: Peter Lieberzeit
Internal Structure

Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy
Dean: Thilo Hofmann
Vice-Dean: Wolfgang Kainz
Vice-Dean: Jürgen Kriwet
Internal Structure 

Faculty of Life Sciences
Dean: Horst Seidler
Vice-Dean: Verena Dirsch
Vice-Dean: Helge Hilgers
Vice-Dean: Andreas Richter
Internal Structure

Centre for Translation Studies (in German)
Head: Larisa Schippel
Deputy: Gerhard Budin
Deputy: Alexandra Krause
Internal Structure 

Centre for Sport Science and University Sports
Head: Arnold Baca 
Deputy: Otmar Weiß
Internal Structure 

Centre for Molecular Biology  
Head: Graham Warren 
Deputy: Manuela Baccarini 
Internal Structure 

Centre for Teacher Education (in German)
Head: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lutz-Helmut Schön
Deputy: Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Eva Vetter
Internal Structure

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