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Responsible for contents and editing of pages of the first and second level:

University of Vienna, Universitätsring 1, A-1010 Vienna, Austria (media owner and editor for the purposes of the Austrian Media Act)


© The content of the website is published for World-Wide-Web-usage only. Copyright and legal right of use for texts, graphics, design, and source code belong to the University of Vienna, so does the legal right for the photos. 
Issuing, usage and disclosure of information for not commercial reasons is enabled, as long as the content remains unchanged and the source is mentioned (Source: University of Vienna).

Structure and design: 

Layout, structure of information and technical realisation are proprietary development of the University of Vienna, University Office "Public Relations and Event Management" and University Office "Vienna University Computer Center".

Responsible for content, editing and technical matters of external websites:

Responsible for contents, editing and technical matters of external websites:
Faculties, departments, divisions etc. run their own subservers. They are responsible for the contents of these pages. In case of problems please contact the webperson mentioned on the respective site.

Technical support:

The Vienna University Computer Center is responsible for the technical support of the www-server www.univie.ac.at: Vienna University Computer Center, Neues Institutsgebäude, Universitätsstraße 7/1, A-1010 Vienna, Austria. In case of technical problems please contact the webmaster (webmaster(at)univie.ac.at).

Supervising authority

Federal ministry of Science and Research (Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung)

Turnover tax - identification number

University of Vienna ATU 37586901

Disclaimer of liability and endorsement:

All contents on the homepage of the University of Vienna have been compiled carefully. The University of Vienna makes no guarantees of accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information on this website. Therefore the University of Vienna accepts no responsibility or liability for damages or losses resulting from the use of this website. Links to external websites have been chosen carefully. As they are outside the control of the University of Vienna, the University of Vienna accepts no responsibility for these sites.

Duties of the University of Vienna:

Pursuant to sect. 3, Universities Act 2002, the University of Vienna has the following duties within its scope of activities:

1. the advancement of learning (research and teaching), and the advancement, appreciation and teaching of the arts
2. education through scholarship, and the advancement and appreciation of the arts
3. academic, artistic, pedagogical and critical training for occupations requiring the application of academic knowledge and methods, as well as training in artistic and academic abilities to the highest levels
the training and career advancement of junior academics and young artists
continuing education, particularly postgraduate training
4. the training and career advancement of junior academics and young artists 5. continuing education, particularly postgraduate training
6. internal co-ordination of academic research (and the advancement and appreciation of the arts) and teaching at universities 
7. promotion of domestic and international co-operation in research and tuition, and the arts
8. promotion of the use and practical application of their research findings, and of community involvement in efforts to promote the advancement and appreciation of the arts
9. equality of the sexes, and the advancement of women
10. maintenance of contacts with graduates
11. provision of public information on the performance of their duties  


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