Winter semester of 2016/17: Easing into the start of the semester

University - a whole new universe? Tips, important dates and services to help you have a successful start to the winter semester.

21.09.2016 | [more]


What's your score on the Study-O-Meter?

Are you ready for the new semester or do you need more vacation? If you want to find out, visit the Facebook-website of the University of Vienna and tell us your score at the Study-O-Meter.

20.09.2016 | [more]


JobStart for Internationals

JobStart for Internationals is the first training at the University of Vienna that prepares young international academics for their entry into the Austrian labor market.

20.09.2016 | [more]


First quantum satellite successfully launched

Quantum scientist Anton Zeilinger and his fellow researchers at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the University of Vienna will test the very first transfer of quantum information between space and the Earth.

16.08.2016 | [more]


Examinations: What rights do students have?

To explore your options if there was a disruption during the exam, you suddenly fell ill or a fail grade took you by surprise, uni:view has talked to the Studienpräses and a legal expert.

14.07.2016 | [more]


Intermediaries under difficult circumstances

Only recently, charities in Austria have started to hire staff with a migration background. Political scientist Sara de Jong, Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Vienna, analysed their ambivalent positions.

13.07.2016 | [more]


Ravens learn best from their affiliates

In a recent study on ravens, Cognitive Biologists Christine Schwab and Thomas Bugnyar from the University of Vienna showed that being socially connected to others is critical in gaining new information.

13.07.2016 | [more]


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