Mark Coeckelbergh

Mark Coeckelbergh: Close encounters with robots

Mark Coeckelbergh's inaugural lecture "The Language of Technology, or Thinking Through Language and Other Technologies: Opening Techno-Logical Investigations" will take place on May 10th.

26.04.2017 | [more]

An illustration of quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics is complex enough, for now….

Do quantum mechanics require a more complex set of mathematical rules? A research team led by Philip Walther at the University of Vienna designed a new photonic experiment using exotic metamaterials.

21.04.2017 | [more]


Stress can increase empathy

Acute psychosocial stress leads to increased empathy and prosocial behavior. An international team of researchers led by Claus Lamm from the University of Vienna investigated the effects of stress on neural mechanisms.

11.04.2017 | [more]

Picture of the Orion Nebula

How stars are born

500 hours of observation at the ESO in the Atacama Desert: astronomers João Alves and Stefan Meingast explore young stars with their ESO-project VISIONS, an international search for our cosmic origins.

06.04.2017 | [more]

International students

Reception for international exchange students

On March 29th, the International Office invited all international exchange students to participate at a welcome reception. Around 100 students gathered in the Small Ceremonial Chamber of the University of Vienna.

04.04.2017 | [more]

Superposition of Orders of Quantum Measurements

In a quantum race everyone is both a winner and a loser

It is possible for different orders of quantum operations to coexist in a superposition. The current work by a team of physicists from the University of Vienna is the first experimental quantification of such a superposition.

27.03.2017 | [more]

A group of students at the University Campus

International University of Vienna

Interested in spending a semester or a year at the University of Vienna? The International Office provides various programmes for students who wish to spend part of their degree course at the University of Vienna.

24.03.2017 | [more]


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