Double investment in research, innovation and education

In a joint statement issued on March 21, the European University Association calls on member states to double investment in research, innovation and education to boost Europe's competitiveness and sustainability.

21.03.2018 | [more]


"The ultimate scientist"

The Vienna Gravitational Physics Group commemorates the life of Stephen Hawking: "He has conquered the hearts of the public and became the winking icon of theoretical science, the symbol of a playful and exploring mind."

15.03.2018 | [more]


Photo Competition: My Research in one Picture

If you are an early stage researcher (doctoral candidates and PostDocs) at the University of Vienna you are invited to submit a photo/image illustrating your research by the 25th of April.

15.03.2018 | [more]


Mind the Gap

Our commitment to excellence in research and innovation (R&I) must be inclusive: excellence should be fostered and strengthened in all countries and regions of Europe. More in The Guild's latest policy paper.

09.03.2018 | [more]


King penguins may be on the move very soon

More than 70 percent of the global King penguin population may be nothing more than a memory in a matter of decades, as global warming will soon force the birds to move south, or disappear.

27.02.2018 | [more]


The genomic history of southeastern Europe

To understand the genomic history of southeastern Europe a team of researchers, one of them Ron Pinhasi from the University of Vienna, analysed genome-wide ancient DNA data.

22.02.2018 | [more]


Two-Way Communication with a Single Quantum Particle

A team of reserach from ÖAW and the University of Vienna quantify the discrepancy between classical and quantum scenarios by the probability of winning a game played by distant players.

22.02.2018 | [more]


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