Embryonic gene regulation through mechanical forces

In a new publication, the team of Ulrich Technau of the Department of Molecular Evolution and Development reported that mechanical cues can contribute to the regulation of gene expression during development.

22.05.2018 | [more]


Eurovision Song Contest as a stage for global politics

Portugal just hosted its first Eurovision Song Contest. Historian Dean Vuletic was there to promote his new book, the first-ever scholarly monograph on the history of Eurovision. At our #univieblog he writes about his impressions.

17.05.2018 | [more]


Sexual objectification influences visual perception

By recording eye movements a team led by Giorgia Silani and Helmut Leder of the University of Vienna is able to confirm that the "Sexualized Body Inversion Hypothesis" is quite likely.

12.04.2018 | [more]


Welcome for Incoming Students of the Summer Semester 2018

On April 9th, the welcome reception for all international exchange students of the summer semester 2018 took place. Vice Rector Jean-Robert Tyran welcomed more than 100 exchange students.

10.04.2018 | [more]


Climate Change accelerates the rate of upward range shifts of mountain plants

Researchers from eleven countries, including botanist Stefan Dullinger from the University of Vienna, found out that today five times as many species from lower altitudes are reaching the summits than 50 years ago.

05.04.2018 | [more]

Dynamics of causal order: Party D is able to control dynamically the causal order of future events for parties A, B and C.

Can the quantum order between events change in quantum mechanics?

Researchers at the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences develop a new theoretical framework to describe how causal structures in quantum mechanics transform.

28.03.2018 | [more]


Double investment in research, innovation and education

In a joint statement issued on March 21, the European University Association calls on member states to double investment in research, innovation and education to boost Europe's competitiveness and sustainability.

21.03.2018 | [more]


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