Matrotrophy and placentation in invertebrates: a new paradigm

Scientists around Andrey Ostrovsky from the Department of Palaeontology deal with a fascinating discovery the wide-spread palcentas among invertebrate animals, while the common view was that it is prerogative of vertebrates.

20.05.2015 | [more]


Studying dynamics of ion channels

Scientists from the Vaziri lab at the Vienna Biocenter have developed a method that would allow to better understand the mechanism behind the extreme ion selectivity and transport properties in ion channels.

18.05.2015 | [more]


Kapuscinski Development Lecture with Ilan Kapoor

Ilan Kapoor, Professor of Critical Development Studies (York University, Canada) holds a Kapuscinski Development Lecture about "The Ideology of Celebrity Humanitarianism". Date: 12 May 2015.

08.05.2015 | [more]

Academia & society

Rumors and runs in opaque markets: Evidence from the Panic of 1907

Thomas Gehrig argues that regulators would do well to read up on the "Panic of 1907". What quelled rumours and panicky behaviour back then still applies – maintaining market liquidity through measures that encourage transparency.

08.05.2015 | [more]


Surprise from the Deep Ocean

An international team of researchers, among them Christa Schleper from the University of Vienna, has found a novel group of Archaea in deep ocean sediments, who are the closest direct relatives of the eukaryotic lineage.

07.05.2015 | [more]


Difficult childbirth in humans

New study identifies a complex link between pelvis, head and stature that evolved to ease childbirth. Barbara Fischer and Philipp Mitteroecker from the University of Vienna publish their results in the current edition of PNAS.

21.04.2015 | [more]

Studying & teaching

Strategic Gaming: South China Sea Conflict 2015

Invited by Alfred Gerstl and Josef Falko Loher, about 40 Students of various backgrounds, both Bachelor and Master students, left the ordinary class room for a very special course at the Department of East Asian Studies.

14.04.2015 | [more]

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Studying & teaching

The Marshall Plan Scholarships Program

The Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation established an academic exchange program to fund scholarships and fellowships for academic exchange between Austria and the US. Application deadline: 12 April and 15 October.

17.03.2015 | [more]

650th Anniversary

Raising questions since 1365.

In the anniversary year 2015, the University of Vienna opens its doors to the public to show the variety of its disciplines, degree programmes and research projects, and to look into the future and contemplate the past.

17.03.2015 | [more]

Academia & society

University of Vienna Renews Cooperation with ELI

The University of Vienna and the European Law Institute (ELI) have extended their cooperation until 2019. Both partners look forward to another four years of successful collaboration.

04.03.2015 | [more]


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