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Nobel prize and the University of Vienna

So far, nine scientists who are affiliated to the University of Vienna through either teaching or research have been awarded the Nobel Prize, the most famous scientific award there is.

Robert Bárány, Otology (1876 Vienna – 1936 Uppsala)
1914: Nobel Prize for Medicine

Julius Wagner-Jauregg, Psychiatry (1857 Wels – 1940 Vienna)
1927: Nobel Prize for Medicine

Hans Fischer, Chemistry (1881 Höchst a.M. – München 1945)
1930: Nobel Prize for Chemistry

Karl Landsteiner, Immunology (1868 Vienna – 1943 New York)
1930: Nobel Prize for Medicine

Erwin Schrödinger, Physics (1887 Vienna – 1961 Vienna)
1933: Nobel Prize for Physics

Viktor Franz Hess, Physics (1883 Schloß Waldstein – 1964 Mount Vernon U.S.A.)
1936: Nobel Prize for Physics

Otto Loewi, Physiology and Pharmacology (1873 Frankfurt a.M. – 1961 New York)
1936: Nobel Prize for Medicine

Konrad Lorenz, Biology (1903 Vienna – 1989 Vienna)
1973: Nobel Prize for Medicine

Friedrich A. von Hayek, Economics (1899 Vienna – 1992 Freiburg im Breisgau)
1974: Nobel Memorial Award for Business, Economics, and Statistics

Please refer to the web site of the University Archive for more information.


"The Nobel Prize and the University of Vienna"

Installation "The Nobel prize and the University of Vienna". Photo: University of Vienna

The installation "The Nobel Prize and the University of Vienna" in the Aula of the Main Building shows portrait photographs, not statues or busts, of the Nobel laureates mounted on glass steles. At the centre of the installation, there is a faceless stele, displaying a question mark, thus reminding us of all the academics whose research activities had been rudely interrupted by the Nazis, and who had to flee the country.  At the same time, however, this stele also refers to an empty space that stretches into the present.

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