Franz Brentano-Denkmal im Arkadenhof

Franz Brentano Centenary Conference

From June 1st to June 3rd, on occasion of the centenary of Franz Brentano's death, an international symposium will take place at the University of Vienna to discuss Brentano’s impact on Austrian philosophy.

24.05.2017 | [more]

Sergey B. Zotchev

Sergey B. Zotchev: Learning from nature

Sergey B. Zotchev isolates microorganisms from nature to find those that could potentially be used in the development of new drugs. uni:view talked to him about genetic engineering and about being a movie director in another life.

24.05.2017 | [more]


Antisemitism and Religion: A Symposium

On May 24, 2017 scholars from New York, Tel Aviv, and Vienna will present papers on religious anti-Semitism at a symposium. International experts discuss recent research findings in this field.

18.05.2017 | [more]


In both love and war, alligators signal size by bellowing

American alligators produce loud, low-frequency vocalizations called "bellows". Cognitive biologists at the University of Vienna investigated these vocalizations and found that they reveal the caller’s body size.

12.05.2017 | [more]


In matters of risks and side-effects …

Patients who take medications often simply accept the potential side-effects. The pharmacist Gerhard Ecker strives to minimize the side-effects of future medications.

12.05.2017 | [more]


The student ID number turns eight-digit

On 12 May 2017, the University of Vienna extends the student ID numbers of all students to eight digits by prefixing a zero.

12.05.2017 | [more]


Daniel Mann about his research stay at the University of Vienna

For one year Daniel Mann is working at the Budgie Lab at the Department of Cognitive Biology to do his research. In an interview he gives insights into his research and his time at the University of Vienna.

10.05.2017 | [more]


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