Robert Brünjes

Robert Brünjes explains his research

"As soon as you have answered a research question, at least three new questions arise", says environmental geoscientist Robert Brünjes in the new video series, in which young scientists are portrayed.

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Science and Society: Summer School for Public Engagement

At the Science & Society: Summer School for Public Engagement expert trainers will provide you with the practical and technical know-how of science communication and guide you through your first steps of reaching out to society.

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Data Science Summer School @ Uni Vienna

The summer school on "Deep Learning and Visual Data Analysis" (September 3-7) brings together students, researchers and professionals to explore recent developments in the field. Apply until July 23!

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Master’s programme after Bachelor

A master’s programme – yes? No? And, if yes: Which one? This decision shapes your life. Barbara Hamp from Teaching Affairs and Student Services blogs about the wide range of master’s programmes.

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Tools illustrated

u:space not available from 1.8. – 6.8.

The central database of the University of Vienna will undergo an upgrade at the beginning of August. Therefore the IT services u:space, UNIVISonline and Uni Wien Shop will not be available from 1 August to 6 August.

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Manipulating single atoms with an electron beam

A new technique of single-atom manipulation, pioneered by University of Vienna researchers, is able to achieve control over the movement of individual silicon impurity atoms within the lattice of graphene.

09.07.2018 | [more]


Research for resilience

Gareth Clay is Ida Pfeiffer Professor at the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy. He explains, how he expanded his research from peatlands to other ecosystems and why wildfires might be an issue in Austria.

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