To tool or not to tool?

Flexible tool use is closely associated to intelligent mental processes. Cognitive biologists from the University of Vienna studied tool related decision making in an Indonesian cockatoo.

23.06.2016 | [more]


Why penguins migrate

No colony is an island or a remote patch on sea ice on the coast of Antarctica. Emperor penguins move all around the frozen continent making one single interbreeding population for the whole species.

21.06.2016 | [more]


Copied and caught: This is how plagiarism checks work

What is plagiarism? How does the University of Vienna check if students copied the work of others in their thesis? We asked Peter Lieberzeit, the first contact point when it comes to the report of a suspicion of plagiarism.

15.06.2016 | [more]


Birds Pack More Neurons into Smaller Brains

An international team of scientists including Tecumseh Fitch of the University of Vienna has found out that birds have a more efficient neural architecture than mammals.

14.06.2016 | [more]


The organizer of body axes

The signaling molecules of the molecular basis for the body axes already developed 600 million years ago in the common ancestor of vertebrates and sea anemones. Ulrich Technau and Grigory Genikhovich have shown this.

01.06.2016 | [more]


Microbial activity in the dark ocean

There are a lot of tiny living organisms in the dark ocean. Imagine their habitat, it is completely different from ours. During the cruise Chie Amano is measuring the activity of microorganisms under extreme circumstances.

31.05.2016 | [more]


Growing perfect crystals by filling the gaps

A research team including Christos Likos and Lorenzo Rovigatti from the Faculty of Physics of the University of Vienna has developed a new method to assemble large, periodic crystals.

30.05.2016 | [more]


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