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Flower development in 3D: Timing is the key

Wolfram Weckwerth, head of the Department of Ecogenomics and Systems Biology at University of Vienna, and his team have analyzed the interaction between metabolism and developmental processes in flowering plants (angiosperms).

2014-07-14 | Read more

Short-term teaching visits for faculty members of partner universities of the University of Vienna outside Europe

The University of Vienna supports short-term teaching visits by faculty members of partner universities outside Europe. The maximum duration of the course is 90 days; the application deadline is on August 1st.

2014-07-09 | Read more

Birds do not feed on nectar but consume the male reproductive organs

Agnes Dellinger and her co-authors have studied the pollination biology of a group of small trees or shrubs. What they found is a most unusual relationship with the birds that pollinate the flowers of these plants.

2014-07-04 | Read more
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