Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dipl.-Phys. Jörg Menche

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Professorship for Quantitative Modeling of Biological Networks at the Center for Molecular Biology and Faculty of Mathematics

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Curriculum Vitae:

born 1979 in Würzburg, Germany
1999 A-levels (Abitur) in Kitzingen, Germany
1999-2005 Studies of physics in Leipzig (Germany), Recife (Brazil) and Berlin (Germany)
2005 Diploma (Diplom) in physics at the ​University of Leipzig, Germany
2010 PhD in theoretical physics at the ​Max-Planck-Institute of Colloids and Interfaces ​ (MPIKG) and the University of Potsdam, Germany
2010-2012 Postdoctoral fellow at the ​Center for Complex Network Research, Northeastern University, Boston, USA
2010-2012 Affiliated member of the Center for ​Cancer Systems Biology, ​Dana Farber Cancer Institute,​ Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA 
2013-2015 Postdoctoral fellow at the ​Central European University in Budapest, Hungary
2015-2020 Principal Investigator at ​CeMM  in Vienna, Austria
since 2017 Associate faculty member of the ​Complexity Science Hub Vienna, Austria
since September 2020 Professor of Quantitative Modelling of Biological Networks, Department of Mathematics and Department of Structural and Computational Biology, University of Vienna

Research areas:

* Network biology & medicine
* Network theory Complex systems
* Virtual Reality data visualization