Cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna

The University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna collaborate in numerous projects. The University of Vienna runs joint cluster projects and core facilities to strengthen and deepen cooperation between the two universities, develop synergies in strategic research areas and lay them down at the institutional level.

The Max Perutz Labs are a research and education center operated jointly by the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna. They are located at the Vienna Biocenter, one of the largest life sciences clusters in Austria. The MPL employ around 500 people from 40 countries who conduct basic research in the field of molecular biology in about 60 research groups.

In addition, the University announced three joint professorships in the areas of computational medicine, molecular biology and public health nutrition at the end of 2018. In the area of teaching, the University has established an interdisciplinary master’s programme in Cognitive Science; Moreover, the two universities plan to strengthen their cooperation within the Vienna Cognitive Science Hub, an interdisciplinary research network at the University of Vienna.

Under the auspices of the University of Veterinary Medicine, the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna cooperate in research projects at the "Messerli Centre for Human-Animal Interaction" investigating the interaction between humans and animals, as well as ethics and the theoretical principles of animal cognition and behaviour.

In 2004, the University of Vienna established the Department for Ethics and Law in Medicine. This interdisciplinary research platform is operated jointly by the Faculty of Catholic Theology, the Faculty of Protestant Theology and the Faculty of Law, in cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna on the basis of a cooperation agreement.  

Inter-University Cluster Projects

Joint Core Facilities

Vienna Life Science Instruments

  • The joint use of existing large research equipment is the main objective of the Vienna Life-Science Instruments (VLSI) initiative, in which the Austrian Academy of Sciences is involved as well.