Special Bodies

At the University of Vienna, there are several bodies that deal with very special issues.

Equal Opportunities Working Party

Since 1993 there are equal opportunities working parties at the Austrian universities. These working parties are independent collegial bodies. At the University of Vienna, it has 21 members and 42 substitute members from all groups of university members from all faculties. The Equal Opportunities Working Party is, among others, responsible for combating discrimination by university governing bodies and for advising and supporting university governing bodies and university members in connection with issues relating to equal opportunities and the advancement of women.

Ethics Committee

In 2011 the Ethics Committee, which is composed of representatives of various academic disciplines, was established at the University of Vienna. According to the Statutes, the Ethics Committee is tasked with ensuring compliance with ethical principles in research. This entails the review of ethics applications, which are submitted for planned research projects.

Arbitration Committee

The tasks of the Arbitration Committee comprise mediating in disputes between university members and ruling on complaints by the Equal Opportunities Working Party.

Ombuds Office Good Scientific Practice

The Ombuds Office of the University of Vienna for Ensuring Compliance with Good Scientific Practice is the contact point for investigating indications and allegations about scientific misconduct.