An international University

The University of Vienna is the central and most important actor in the internationalisation of the tertiary sector in Austria. This is related to the size of the University, its spread of subjects, the attractive location and the active pursuit of the internationalisation strategy.

front view of the Main Building with several different flags
Research insights are international. Traditionally, the University of Vienna regards itself as an internationally visible and attractive university (Photo: University of Vienna/Peter Wienerroither).

Facts & figures

Roughly one quarter of students are non-Austrians, more than 2,700 exchange students are welcomed and supported at the University each year. Conversely, the University assists the mobility of around 1,000 outgoing students. One third of academic staff of the University of Vienna comes from abroad, the percentage of newly appointed professors from abroad is over 70 %.

The University raises over EUR 15 million from the European funding sources every year. More than 70 partner universities, approximately 370 ERASMUS partner universities and memberships in organisations such as EUA, UNICA, ASEA-UNINET, and ACUNS ensure excellent international networking at an institutional level.

Exchange students

approximately 2,700

exchange students from all around the world are received and sent by the University of Vienna each academic year. 

Incoming students

Outgoing students

New professors

over 70 %

is the proportion of newly appointed professors from abroad. Approximately 33 % of the academic staff come from abroad.

Professors' Appointment Consulting Service

Partner universities

70 + 370

With its 70 partner universities around the globe and about 370 ERASMUS partner universities, the University of Vienna benefits from its international network.

University-wide partnership agreements