Strategic priorities

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In today’s world, new knowledge, technological and societal developments chase each other with unprecedented speed, generating opportunities but also new, complex challenges.

The University of Vienna spans a wide range of disciplines, from natural and life sciences to arts and humanities, and can therefore play a unique role in addressing these challenges.

Based on our existing strengths, we have prioritised six strategic areas in which we plan to make an impact by combining the insight and expertise of our academics and educators. 

Culture, Education, Democracy

What are cultural identities and political systems? How can we guarantee high-quality education? What roles do language, religion and demographic change play in the pluralistic society of the 21st century? The Culture, Education and Democracy strategic priority addresses the foundations of human coexistence and communication in the face of racial, gender, and political conflicts. 

Digital and Data-Driven Transformations of Science and Society

New technologies, especially artificial intelligence and machine learning, are rapidly and radically changing our private and professional life. Can we harness their power and ensure a sustainable, human-centred application? The University of Vienna is perfectly positioned to contribute to the development of these technologies and to explore their impact on society, ethics and law

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Climate, Environment, Sustainability

How can we contribute to making Earth’s ecosystem stable, sustainable and fair? Can climate change be stopped, and how? Academics from different disciplines join forces and investigate these key issues in the Climate, Environment, Sustainability strategic priority in depth.

Global Health: Physical, Mental and Social Dimensions of Health

Social inequalities, nutrition, physical activity and the media affect our identity, health and well-being. In the Global Health strategic priority, academics connect across disciplinary boundaries to investigate how we can promote physical and mental health for all people.

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Systems of Life

Can we explore life in all its facets, ranging from molecular secrets to planetary connections? In the Systems of Life strategic priority, researchers from all disciplines look at the networks on which our world is built.

Quantum Systems and Materials for the Future

Fit for tomorrow? At the University of Vienna, scientists in the fields of quantum physics, materials science, mathematics and computer science investigate fundamental questions on space, time and gravity and develop technologies and materials of the future, such as quantum computing or intelligent and green materials. 

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