"Cannibalism" between stars

Eduard Vorobyov from the University of Vienna discovered that stellar brightening can be caused by fragmentation due to gravitational instabilities in massive gaseous disks surrounding young stars.

08.02.2016 | [more]


Ravens attribute visual access to unseen competitiors

Ravens anticipate what other ravens can see, cognitive biologists Thomas Bugnyar and Stephan Reber of the University Vienna found out in collaboration with the philosopher Cameron Buckner (University of Houston, Texas).

03.02.2016 | [more]

symbolic image of quantum-mechanical vibrations

Mechanical Quanta see the light

Researchers from the TU Delft and the University of Vienna have now realized a first step towards a universal quantum link based on quantum-mechanical vibrations of a nanomechanical device.

19.01.2016 | [more]

picture of the new U:FIND-website

U:FIND is online!

As of today, U:FIND – the new course, staff and web search – is online! New functions are ONE search box, iCal, Google Maps, responsive Design and much more.

16.12.2015 | [more]

smiling girl on a snowy mountain

univie: winter school 2016

The winter school at the University of Vienna takes place from January 31 to February 13. Application starts now; a number of scholarships are granted. Sarah Minty took part last year and writes about her experiences.

16.12.2015 | [more]

thriving snowdrops

Draw Science competition

Atanas Atanasov is a researcher at the University of Vienna. With his blog post he kicks off a project which intends to make high-level research more accessible to the general public.

15.12.2015 | [more]

symbolic picture of smart grids

Getting energy processes under control – PROMISE

The University of Applied Sciences Salzburg and the University of Vienna today announced project PROMISE - a joint research project in the area of smart grids.

01.12.2015 | [more]


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