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A planetary sunscreen can probably cool the climate, but not solve the climate crisis, explains climate physicist Blaž Gasparini.

07.06.2023 | [more]

Press releases

"Bee.Ed." programme supports sustainability goals

In Bee.Ed., which was recently visited by EU Delegate Sarah Wiener, students from schools can experience honey and wild bees, while at the same time learn about the life of these important yet endangered pollinators.

05.06.2023 | [more]


Currently visiting: Stefan Padberg

During the summer term, Stefan Padberg is visiting professor at the Working group Didactics of geography and economic education. In his work, he focusses on methods for personally meaningful teaching and learning.

01.06.2023 | [more]


Jan Steger receives first FGGA Dissertation Award

The Dissertation Award 2022 of the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy goes to Jan Steger. He will present his work during the FGGA Talks and BBQ on 15 June.

30.05.2023 | [more]


For a healthier planet: Climate activism must be rewarded

Presenting ... Psychologist Jana Köhler. With her research, she wants to help promote climate- and environmentally-friendly behaviour among the population.

25.05.2023 | [more]


Impacts of drone monitoring on koala

Researchers at the Department of Behavioral and Cognitive Biology developed a methodology to measure heart rate in koalas using a Fitbit and investigated the behavioural and physiological responses of captive koalas to drones.

23.05.2023 | [more]

Emanuel Tov wins second Baron Award

In 2020, the Knapp Family Foundation and the University of Vienna established the Salo W. and Jeannette M. Baron Award for Scholarly Excellence in Research on the Jewish Experience.

23.05.2023 | [more]


Isaac Witz visited the Faculty of Chemistry

Isaac Witz, renowned expert in the field of tumor microenvironment research and Doctor h.c. of the University of Vienna, discussed cooperations with faculty members.

05.05.2023 | [more]


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