Is the past (and future) there when nobody looks?

Quantum mechanics is famous for its indeterminism, but we can usually use probabilities to quantify our uncertainty about future observations.

14.05.2021 | [more]


Currently visiting: Sabine Henry

From April till July 2021, Sabine Henry is visiting professor at the Department of Geography and Regional Research. For more than twenty years, she has been interested in environmental migration in various contexts.

06.05.2021 | [more]

Gregory Perreault

Gregory Perreault: "Austria offers many opportunities"

Gregory Perreault of the Appalachian State University is Fulbright-Botstiber Visiting Professor. In the interview he talks about the study of digital journalism, especially the digitization among lifestyle journalists.

03.05.2021 | [more]


Following the traces of carbon in the depths of the earth

Carbonates are probably the most important carriers of carbon in the interior of our Earth. However, what form they take in the depths of the Earth's mantle, and how they react there, is still largely unexplored.

30.04.2021 | [more]

Flooding and landslides destroyed a road

"A green world needs long-term climate policies"

Humankind faces its most severe crisis in the 21th century. Economist Alexandra Brausmann from the University of Vienna explains how the climate crisis affects the economy.

30.04.2021 | [more]

Uni Intern
Schematic illustration of the potential energy landscape experienced by a particle exposed to two laser beams.

The Escape Tricks of Active Matter - How to induce and inhibit transitions via self-propulsion

Rare transitions between long-lived metastable states are at heart of many processes in nature and technology. Researchers have now investigated the dynamics of such transitions for active matter.

29.04.2021 | [more]

The authors Jörg Menche and Sebastian Pirch

VR visualization supports research on molecular networks

Networks offer a powerful way to visualize and analyze complex systems. Jörg Menche, research group leader at Max Perutz Labs (Uni Wien/MedUni), and his team developed an immersive virtual reality (VR) platform.

26.04.2021 | [more]


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