Strategic Partner Peking University

The University of Vienna recently signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with the prestigious Peking University (China) in March 2019. Thus, the University of Vienna succeeded in institutionalising the scientific exchange.

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international exchange students

Welcome reception for international exchange students

On 13 March 2019, Vice Rector for Research and International Affairs of the University of Vienna, Jean-Robert Tyran welcomed the new international exchange students. The reception was organized by the International Office.

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The genomic history of the Iberian Peninsula over the past 8000 years

Focusing on the Iberian Peninsula, scientists around Ron Pinhasi, University of Vienna, report genome-wide data from 271 ancient individuals from Iberia. The findings provide a comprehensive genetic time transect of the region.

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Clay cylinder of Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylon

The magic of Mesopotamia

ERC Starting Grant investigator Nicla De Zorzi studies ancient Mesopotamian literature, magic and divination. In her research she aims at investigating analogical thinking as a dominant feature of ancient Mesopotamian scholarship.

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When changing one atom makes molecules better

The group of Nuno Maulide, recently named the Scientist of the Year 2018, in collaboration with the group of Harald Sitte, has now reported a facile method for the replacement of hydrogen with fluorine in important drug molecules.

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Logo of the project "Quantum Information Systems Beyond Classical Capabilities (BeyondC)"

For the future of quantum technology

The recently granted collaboration project “Quantum Information Systems Beyond Classical Capabilities (BeyondC)” coordinated by the University of Vienna aims to go beyond the capabilities of classical technology.

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Book shelves and students in the library

ORCID Austria Consortium: Foundation and Perspectives

Since January 2019, the University of Vienna and the TU Vienna lead the newly-formed ORCID Austria Consortium. It aims to establish ORCID as an identifier for researchers, Paloma Marin Arraiza and Christian Gumpenberger explain.

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