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13.04.2021 | [more]


Childbirth versus pelvic floor stability: An evolutionary history of compromises

Evolutionary anthropologists from the University of Vienna and colleagues have found a new explanaiton for the tight "fetopelvic" in humans.

13.04.2021 | [more]

Gut section with fluorescently labelled bacteria

Popeye with a whiff of rotten eggs

Researchers have analyzed how microbes in the gut process the plant-based, sulfur-containing sugar sulfoquinovose. Sulfoquinovose is a sulfonic acid derivative of glucose and is found in all green vegetables.

09.04.2021 | [more]


Success: Austria becomes a member of the Alliance for Biodiversity

The open letter recently launched by the Austrian Biodiversity Council on Austria's membership to the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People has led to an important and rapid political success.

07.04.2021 | [more]

Wanda Spahl

Presenting… early stage researchers: Wanda Spahl

Wanda Spahl conducts research on the health needs of refugees and investigates whether and how these needs are met. She is a PhD candidate at the Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences.

06.04.2021 | [more]


Alexander Dammermann: An Acentriolar Centrosome At The C. elegans Ciliary Base

Alexander Dammermann’s group has discovered that centrosomes persist without centrioles in post-mitotic neurons of C. elegans. The study is published in Current Biology.

02.04.2021 | [more]

Uni Intern
Picture of Toma Susi

Open Research Europe: New Publishing Platform

Toma Susi, Assistant Professor of Physiks and ORE’s Scientific Advisory Board member, gives an insight into his motivations behind publishing on the new platform.

02.04.2021 | [more]


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