Petition for an increased EU budget for research and innovation

The Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) has launched a petition for an increased EU budget for research and innovation. The petition is also supported by The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities.

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Robert Brünjes

Robert Brünjes explains his research

"As soon as you have answered a research question, at least three new questions arise", says environmental geoscientist Robert Brünjes in the new video series, in which young scientists are portrayed.

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Science and Society: Summer School for Public Engagement

At the Science & Society: Summer School for Public Engagement expert trainers will provide you with the practical and technical know-how of science communication and guide you through your first steps of reaching out to society.

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Data Science Summer School @ Uni Vienna

The summer school on "Deep Learning and Visual Data Analysis" (September 3-7) brings together students, researchers and professionals to explore recent developments in the field. Apply until July 23!

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Master’s programme after Bachelor

A master’s programme – yes? No? And, if yes: Which one? This decision shapes your life. Barbara Hamp from Teaching Affairs and Student Services blogs about the wide range of master’s programmes.

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Tools illustrated

u:space not available from 1.8. – 6.8.

The central database of the University of Vienna will undergo an upgrade at the beginning of August. Therefore the IT services u:space, UNIVISonline and Uni Wien Shop will not be available from 1 August to 6 August.

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Manipulating single atoms with an electron beam

A new technique of single-atom manipulation, pioneered by University of Vienna researchers, is able to achieve control over the movement of individual silicon impurity atoms within the lattice of graphene.

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