The bony molding of the inner ear was virtually reconstructed from X-ray images of a fossil skull from Greece, attributed to a young female of the primate species Paradolichopithecus aff. arvernensis

Fossilized monkey skull gives new insights into the ancient Eurasian wildlife

The structure of a fossilized monkey skull’s inner ear reveals that the large monkey, which roamed the Eurasian grasslands 2.3 Million years ago, was closely related to baboons rather than macaques.

23.09.2022 | [more]

Journal on a wooden table

Conference 2022: Globalizing Screenwriting

Taking place at the Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies from 22-24 September, the conference wants to discuss the conditions of screenwriting in a globalized world.

20.09.2022 | [more]

Ribbon cutting. Persons in the picture from left to right: Vice-Rector Jean-Robert Tyran, Vice-Rector Branislav Boričić, Rector Vladan Đokić, Professor Friedrich Stadler, Professor Karl Sigmund and Dr. Adrien Feix

The Vienna Circle exhibition opens in Belgrade

On 15 September 2022, the University of Vienna’s travelling exhibition about the Vienna Circle opened at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Belgrade.

20.09.2022 | [more]

Inaugural address by climate minister Leonore Gewessler

Conservation research against species extinction

At the 7th National Parks Austria Research Symposium from September 7-9th, more than 350 participants from Austria and Europe gathered at the University of Vienna campus to discuss the current state of research in protected areas.

20.09.2022 | [more]

Press releases
Group leader Kristin Tessmar-Raible (left) und first author Birgit Poehn (right) standing in the Lab.

Circalunar clocks: using the right light

How animals are able to interpret natural light sources to adjust their physiology and behaviour is poorly understood: A light-sensitive molecule helps marine animals synchronize their reproductive cycle.

09.09.2022 | [more]

The Arctic Ocean off the north-eastern shore of Greenland

Expedition to the Greenland Sea – In Search of Ice

The Greenland expedition blog continues with the crew of the RV Maria S. Merian arriving at Dove Bay in north-eastern Greenland.

07.09.2022 | [more]

A man sitting in front of a multi-screen computer terminal

University of Vienna launches first online-accessible photonic quantum hardware in Europe

"PhotonQ" offers free access to research hardware for photonic quantum computing through an intuitive web interface

07.09.2022 | [more]


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