A new dimension in documenting new species

A team at the Natural History Museums of Vienna and Denmark and the University of Vienna Theoretical Biology Department developed a special 3D technology to digitally explore rare insect species.

31.08.2015 | [more]


Even cockatoos conclude

A team of researchers of the University of Vienna and University for Veterinary Medicine in Vienna have found a method and used a touchscreen computer to test if Goffin cockatoos have the ability to infere by exclusion.

26.08.2015 | [more]


Quantum diffraction at a breath of nothing

Quantum physics tell us that even massive particles can behave like waves, as if they could be in several places at once. In a European collaboration, researchers carried this idea to the extreme.

25.08.2015 | [more]


Paving the way for a faster quantum computer

A team of physicists from the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences have demonstrated a new quantum computation scheme. These ideas could set the basis for a new form of quantum computing,

11.08.2015 | [more]


CHAGS XI – The Student Organizing Committee

The 11th Conference on Hunter and Gatherer Societies – CHAGS XI for short – will be held for the first time in Vienna in September, 2015.

10.08.2015 | [more]


#instawalk650: A visual tour through the University of Vienna

On July 30th, for a small group of Instagram-fans, the first Instawalk through the Main Building of the University of Vienna took place.

06.08.2015 | [more]


Deutsch lernen in Wien – Welcome Reception for students from the Hebrew University

On 10 July around 30 students from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem were welcomed at the University of Vienna by Vice-Rector Heinz Faßmann and representatives of the International Office.

29.07.2015 | [more]


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