Big Picture Panel Discussion: Science Communication - Challenges and Opportunities

The current worldwide situation has once more shown that the (mis-)representation of science in the media has the potential to impact and shape public opinions. Join the event on 16th and 17th June 2021, 19:00.

11.06.2021 | [more]


Bacteria hijack latent phage of competitor

Biochemist Thomas Böttcher from the University of Vienna and PhD student Magdalena Jancheva were able to show how bacteria use a self-produced signal molecule to selectively manipulate phages to defeat their enemy.

10.06.2021 | [more]


"A green world needs long-term climate policies"

Economist Alexandra Brausmann from the University of Vienna explains how the climate crisis affects the economy. Discuss the semester question with her during the online panel discussion.

10.06.2021 | [more]

Luftansicht Universität Wien

Conference: Wittgenstein and the Vienna Circle – after 100 years

An International Conference on "Wittgenstein and the Vienna Circle – after 100 years" will take place from June 10 - 12. Register now for access to the online conference.

09.06.2021 | [more]

poppy and cornflower

Locating Plants: Philosophy and Literature

This workshop which hosts Isabel Kranz investigates the place of plants in philosophy and literature, addressing sites of the vegetal as well as the role of plants for our understanding of human-nature relations.

08.06.2021 | [more]

Woman in the lab

REsolution: opening the gates for new medicine

The REsolution consortium studies how differences in the genetic makeup of so-called transporter genes, encoding proteins that allow molecules to pass cellular membranes, may account for those differences.

04.06.2021 | [more]

Proteins under the microscope

Building muscles from liquids

Antonio Sponga from the University of Vienna and collaborators report the first structure of FATZ-1 in complex with a-actinin, two important proteins found in the Z-disc of muscle fibers.

31.05.2021 | [more]


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