Can we see quantum correlations at the macroscopic scale?

Scientists from the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences have shown that it is possible to fully preserve the mathematical structure of quantum theory in the macroscopic limit.

23.09.2021 | [more]


Gigantic cavity in space discovered

Astronomers – among them astrophysicist João Alves from the University of Vienna – have discovered a cavity while mapping interstellar dust. The sphere-shaped phenomenon may explain how supernovae lead to star formation.

23.09.2021 | [more]

Davide Bonifazi

Davide Bonifazi: A colourful chemical world

On September 30th, the Faculty Day Chemistry 2021 will take place and Davide Bonifazi from the Institute of Organic Chemistry will give his inaugural lecture on "colours".

21.09.2021 | [more]


THE Subject Ranking: Success for the University of Vienna

Good news! The University of Vienna was ranked 89th in Life Sciences (2020: 91st), Psychology made up a whole 11 places and reached 65th place, Physics remains ranked 126-150.

16.09.2021 | [more]


Microplastics: Good for groundwater – bad for crops?

Plastic particles release pollutants in upper soil layers. A new study shows that these microplastics do not contribute to the mobility of organic pollutants in agricultural soils.

16.09.2021 | [more]

Group picture of the rowing Team

3rd place for the rowing team at the Regata Storica 2021

The women’s rowing team of the University of Vienna finished third in this year’s "International Universities Rowing Race" as part of the historic Regata Storica in Venice.

09.09.2021 | [more]

Tom Higham

Book recommendation by Tom Higham

The newly appointed Professor of Scientific Archaeology, Tom Higham, is an expert in the field of bioarchaeology. In his latest publication "The World Before Us" he presents completely new findings in the human evolution.

07.09.2021 | [more]


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