World War II refugees: Untold stories of flight

Literary scholar Paula Wojcik and her team collect and analyse little-known stories of flight from the Nazi era. How their research uncovers various escape routes, coping strategies and the many obstacles in beginning a new life.

15.04.2024 | [more]

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Stellar winds of three sun-like stars detected for the first time

An international research team led by a researcher from the University of Vienna has for the first time directly detected stellar winds from three Sun-like stars by recording the X-ray emission from their astrospheres.

12.04.2024 | [more]

Press releases

Worms exhibit individual behaviors

A new study by Kristin Tessmar-Raible from Max Perutz Labs together with Sören Häfker and team shows: Just like animals and humans, worms exhibit individual – but reproducible – behaviors.

12.04.2024 | [more]

Press releases

Uni Vienna moves further up the rankings

Ranking results on internationality: University of Vienna ranks 2nd in the German-speaking area.

09.04.2024 | [more]


A new simulation method boosts the study of molecular processes

A team of researchers led by Christoph Dellago with Sebastian Falkner presents a new algorithm for the computer simulation of molecular systems that undergo rare yet critical transformations.

08.04.2024 | [more]


The dawn of the tropical Atlantic invasion into the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is a marine biodiversity hotspot already affected by climate-driven biodiversity collapses. Its highly endemic fauna is at further risk if global warming triggers an invasion of tropical Atlantic species.

02.04.2024 | [more]


The climate debate – Between lobbies and science

Stefan Rahmstorf is one of the best-known climate and marine researchers. He met with us to talk about tipping points in the ocean, the roles of the media and science.

18.03.2024 | [more]


"Semester question" on artificial intelligence

AI is changing our perception of knowledge and learning, of knowledge production and knowledge transfer. Is AI shaking the very foundations of our knowledge, fuelling fake news, conspiracy theories and the crisis of democracy?

17.03.2024 | [more]


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