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Breaking bonds to form bonds: Rethinking the Chemistry of Cations

A team of chemists from the University of Vienna, led by Nuno Maulide, has achieved a significant breakthrough in the field of chemical synthesis.

17.05.2024 | [more]


Universities Vote for Europe

European elections on 6-9 June 2024 – Universities vote for Europe! What do we gain from the EU? What do we expect from the EU?

16.05.2024 | [more]


Humans alter the marine fossil record

Marine sediments help us to understand climate changes in the present as well as the past, but they are altered by humans in various ways.

10.05.2024 | [more]


Regulating AI: Are we on the right track?

The regulation of artificial intelligence comes with both challenges and opportunities at the interface between technological progress and social values. A perspective by legal scholar Iris Eisenberger.

02.05.2024 | [more]


Interview with Turing Award winner Yoshua Bengio on the topic of AI

Yoshua Bengio is considered one of the world's leaders in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

26.04.2024 | [more]


Michael Wagner elected as member of the Academia Europaea

Academia Europaea is a European, non-governmental association whose objective is the advancement and promotion of scholarly work in Europe. It encompasses both the natural sciences and the humanities and social sciences.

24.04.2024 | [more]


HFSP grant for consortium led by Kristin Tessmar-Raible

Within the collaborative project, Kristin will lead a team aiming to unravel the influence of temporally ordered biological processes on the adaptability and survival of organisms near the chemical and physical limits of life.

24.04.2024 | [more]


It's time to get to know AI

The breakneck speed at which artificial intelligence is developing makes it difficult to predict where it is heading. Our researchers say: Instead of getting ever bigger and faster, we should now take the time to really...

23.04.2024 | [more]


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