Foto of Federico Casetta

"Small windows” onto the Earth’s mantle

In his Lise Meitner project, Federico Casetta analyses xenoliths to "deepen our understanding of the origin and evolution of Earth's mantle".

23.05.2022 | [more]

Osteuropawissenschafter Philipp Ther im Nachgefragt-Setting

"War in Ukraine: a turning point for the relationship between Central Europe and Russia?"

Panel Discussion with Philipp Ther (Uni Wien) and many more. June 2, 2022, 16:30. Sky Lounge, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna Register now!

23.05.2022 | [more]


The University of Vienna stands behind Ukraine

The University of Vienna provides an overview of information for affected teachers and students, as well as support initiatives or experts for media enquiries.

20.05.2022 | [more]

You see a man from the side wearing a cap. He closes his eyes and practices mindfulness

Mindfulness as a key to success in psychotherapy

A team of psychologists from the University of Vienna led by Ulrich Tran now shows that the increase of mindfulness not only explains the positive effect of meditation and similar treatments on mental health.

20.05.2022 | [more]

Kid is playing with two puzzle pieces

Autism research Every brain is different

Neurowissenschafterin Giorgia Silani hat erforscht, dass Menschen mit Merkmalen wie Autismus oder Alexithymie andere Ausdrucksformen verstehen.

18.05.2022 | [more]


Magnetic resonance makes the invisible visible

A small group of researchers including Dennis Kurzbach from the Faculty of Chemistry developed an advanced NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) method to monitor fast and complicated biomolecular events such as protein folding.

18.05.2022 | [more]

Illustration of people doing sport

Arcletic: Mental Training App

The Division of Sport Psychology at the University of Vienna and the Athletic Research Center GmbH cooperate at developing a digitalized mental training program. The prototype has just been released.

17.05.2022 | [more]


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