Portraitpicture of Mareike Stahlschmidt

Mareike Stahlschmidt receives ERC Starting Grant

In her work, the renowned geoarchaeologist uses micro-contextual studies of archaeological deposits to obtain information about people of the past.

01.07.2022 | [more]

closeup photo of a river

New study analyses river pollution in Europe

In the most extensive study of its kind, international researchers including Environmental Geoscientist Thilo Hofmann and his team are tracing pharmaceuticals in several hundred European rivers.

01.07.2022 | [more]

Valentina Budroni, Toni Manolova, Alexander Stockinger, and Alexander Tsarev

ÖAW DOC Fellowships awarded to Max Perutz Labs students

Congratulations to Valentina Budroni, Toni Manolova, Alexander Stockinger, and Alexander Tsarev who have been awarded DOC Fellowships by the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

28.06.2022 | [more]


Nano-sponges with potential for rapid wastewater treatment

Changxia Li and Freddy Kleitz from the Faculty of Chemistry together with colleagues presented a new approach to design an innovative composite material which is highly efficient at filtering organic pollutants from water.

27.06.2022 | [more]

Press releases

"Hot" graphene reveals migration of carbon atoms

A Study by researchers at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Vienna was published in the journal Carbon. It shows, how the effect of atoms on the stability of nanomaterial can now be determined indirectly through heating.

24.06.2022 | [more]

Photograph of Burial of AKG_3420 from Yu-hari

1.700-year-old Korean genomes show genetic heterogeneity in Three Kingdoms period Gaya

This is the first instance of publishing an ancient individuals’ face prediction using DNA-only in a scientific journal. A detailed DNA-based facial feature prediction showed that the ancient Koreans resembled modern Koreans.

22.06.2022 | [more]

Symbolic image: Two young influencers sit at their microphones and talk to each other.

Influencer communication and its effect on the political perception of young adults

Influencers' simplistic portrayal of politics may fuel cynicism or spark interest toward politics among young followers.

17.06.2022 | [more]


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