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Welcome to Lifesciences Sciencelife, a podcast which presents current advances in science while exploring the challenges and triumphs of PhD life.

20.06.2024 | [more]


Expanding the Chemical Space of Azaparacyclophanes

This report on a one-step catalyst-transfer macrocyclization reaction, based on the Pd-catalyzed Buchwald–Hartwig cross-coupling reaction, selectively affording only cyclic structures.

13.06.2024 | [more]


Galactic Bloodlines

An international team of astronomers led by the University of Vienna has deciphered the formation history of young star clusters, some of which we can see with the naked eye at night.

10.06.2024 | [more]


The new u:cris portal is here: New look, new link!

The research information system u:cris provides an overview of the achievements of researchers at the University of Vienna. The portal now offers improved searchability

10.06.2024 | [more]


Photo exhibition: The Russian War against Ukraine

The photo exhibition in the Main building of the University of Vienna is open to the public from 19 to 28 June 2024.

05.06.2024 | [more]


Currently visiting: Grant McKenzie

His central message for students, but also scientists, policy makers and citizens: "Think critically about everything you encounter."

03.06.2024 | [more]

Press releases

Environmental conditions influenced early human migration

Researchers have gleaned new insights into migration, revealing how environmental conditions in Eurasia and the Americas shaped the journey of ancestors who left Africa tens of thousands of years ago.

29.05.2024 | [more]


How can AI help persons with speech disabilities?

AI technologies open up new ways of communication for people with speech impairments, but also raise ethical concerns.

23.05.2024 | [more]


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