Comparative Cognition — Animal Minds

Tecumseh Fitch, head of the Department of Behavioral and Cognitive Biology is part of the organisational team of this year's Congress of Cognitive Science (CogSci2021). uni:view spoke with him about Animal Minds.

26.07.2021 | [more]


“Mutator” gene as an alternative to chemical and physical mutagens for drug discovery

Streptomyces are bacteria that produce antibiotics. Using genome mining, the targeted activation of so-called biosynthetic gene clusters, Sergey Zotchev and his team seek to uncover their potential to synthesize novel compounds.

22.07.2021 | [more]


With metallodrug BOLD-100 towards fighting gastric cancer

The ruthenium-based anticancer agent BOLD-100 just received an US-Orphan Drug Designation in the treatment of gastric (stomach) cancer. The small molecule therapeutic was originally developed by chemist Bernhard Keppler.

22.07.2021 | [more]

Human of #univie Johanna

"My degree programme has practical relevance"

From the use of cookies to the evaluation of voting behavior: Johanna Göschlberger studies law at the University of Vienna and deals with current topics concerning IT, digital media and law.

21.07.2021 | [more]


"A green world needs long-term climate policies"

Humankind faces its most severe crisis in the 21th century. Economist Alexandra Brausmann explains how the climate crisis affects the economy and explains "environmental shocks".

20.07.2021 | [more]


Heisenberg Under the Microscope

The quantum movements of a small glass sphere could be controlled for the first time in Vienna by combining microscopy with control engineering, setting the course for future quantum technologies.

14.07.2021 | [more]

Lucinid on the lookout

Symbionts sans frontieres: Bacterial partners travel the world

According to research by scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology and the University of Vienna now published in PNAS, the bacterial symbionts living in lucinid gills can travel the world without borders.

13.07.2021 | [more]


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