University of Vienna exchanging with society

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The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specify grand societal challenges and fields of action. Academics and students of the University of Vienna contribute in a variety of ways to developing solutions for these challenges together with and for society. 

The University of Vienna, on the one hand, provides the necessary academic foundations to address the necessary change to achieve the SDGs. On the other hand, it addresses questions from society and/or investigates these as part of research cooperation projects with partners from the business world and society. In participatory citizen science projects, academics investigate new issues together with citizens. 

Moreover, the University of Vienna is involved in a wide range of measures aimed at communicating academic knowledge and thus increasing scientific literacy among adults and children. This provides the necessary basis for developing and implementing innovative solutions to the societal challenges of our time. 

Support offers and further information

  • Citizen Science: Overview of past and current citizen science projects at the University of Vienna (in German language)
  • Open continuing education and training: The Postgraduate Center as a provider of continuing education and training and lifelong learning at the University of Vienna is convinced that knowledge gained at university is useful at every stage of life. The “open continuing education and training” aims at advancing the mutual knowledge exchange between the University and society and offers learning formats free of charge, as well as a variety of events on current and trend-setting topics.
  • Vienna University Children’s Office: The Children's Office is the interface between the University and society. It offers innovative childcare, develops and implements projects in the field of academic communication and communication of academic knowledge to children and adolescents and carries out a wide range of projects in the field of democracy and media education.
  • Research magazine Rudolphina (in German language)