Univ.-Prof. Dr. Monika Bernold

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Professorship for Cultural History of Audiovisual Media at the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies


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Curriculum Vitae:

Born 1962 in Vienna, daughter of Annemarie Bernold, elementary school, secondary school in Vienna
1981-1988 Studied history, German language and literature, philosophy, University of Vienna
1988 Graduated (Mag.a phil.) University of Vienna
1997 Doctorate in history (Dr. in phil), University of Vienna
1989-1990 Probationary teacher in Vienna
1990-1994 Adult educator, film editor, Wiener Zeitung
1993-1995 Project management on the history of broadcasting, funded by the Ministry of Science and Research (together with Andrea Ellmeier)
1997-1999 Research assistant on the FWF project "Mathilde Hanzel Hübner. Biography of an Austrian Feminist (1884-1970)", together with Johanna Gehmacher, supervised by Edith Saurer
2000-2005 Hertha Firnberg Research Center at the Institute of Contemporary History, University of Vienna: "Differenz im Bild. Representations of gender and nation in Austrian TV culture" (FWF)
2002 interruption of maternity leave, birth of a daughter, Rita Jane
since 1991 Lectureships at the University of Vienna, Sigmund Freud University Vienna, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Ruhr University Bochum, UCL Los Angeles, among others
since 1996 Member of the board and founding member of the Interessengemeinschaft Externe Lektor:innen und Freie Wissenschafter:innen
2002-2006 Member of the Board of Trustees of the Vienna Museum
2006-2008 Charlotte Bühler Habilitation Scholarship (FWF)
2009-2011 Research associate in the FWF project: “America Perceptions after 9/11”, lead: Margit Reiter
2009-2011 Research assistant at the Institute for Cultural Management and Cultural Studies (IKM), University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
2014 Visiting Professorship for Gender Studies at the Paris Lodron University Salzburg
since 2014 scientific advice for documentary films (including Katharina Weingartner "Das Fever", A 2019)
since 2016 Senior Lecturer, Institute for Contemporary History, University of Vienna.
Since March 2022, substitute professorship for the cultural history of audiovisual media at the Institute for Theater-Film and Media Studies, University of Vienna

Research areas:

* History and theory of media and visual culture
* Cinema culture and television history in Austria
* Women's and gender history, consumption history
* Critical Whiteness Studies
* Media and social movements in the 20th and 21st centuries
* Car/bio/media, queer-feminist car/biography research

"My research and teaching on the cultural history of audiovisual media enables and requires me to stay on the move and be open to changes, contingencies and others. The prerequisite for this is to reflect on the privilege of being a white woman currently at a university in the middle Producing and communicating Europe's knowledge. Doing media history means reconstructing the present as historically and medially mediated in its non-simultaneities and contradictions. It is about understanding and contesting inequalities and power relations in which historical actors and concrete media mediations are involved were and are integrated by the world." (Monika Bernold)